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Engineer by profession & Maverick by heart – That’s me!

My love for writing knows no boundaries. I have so much to write about, so much to vent and so much to share. It is for this reason that my current blog comprises of different shades of everything. I’m still learning so much and growing each day. Failure doesn’t bother me, not trying surely does. Therefore, I will experiment with newness, with risks and will not allow my comfort zone to be my prison.

Therefore, I’ve undertaken this journey to try a few things, share a lot more things and learn even more from all you lovely people. Life for me is a quest for exploration. My inner journey to hear my true voice started a long time back. However, its reverberation is strongest in me now. As time goes by, the resonance will get louder and I will become more determined. I see the changes in me already. 

Till that time, I am treading on a path chosen for myself. A path where happiness is a journey and not the final destination. A path where the true inner desires of my heart will all come true. A path where more and more like minded mavericks will meet me. A path where positivity is the norm. A path where self growth is ever endearing. A path where every obstacle is genuinely a stepping stone towards success. Finally, a path that leads to a fulfilling and wholesome life.

I have just one life. So it’s only fair to live it right. This current blog is dedicated to living life right. It’s a reflection of my innermost thoughts. A collection of random aspects put down coherently. I document my thoughts on a wide array of subjects and each word stems from my innermost psyche. Hope you make a connection with my stance.




Disconnected Vibes is a journey each one of us wishes to undertake but postpones it for some or the other reason. We tend to have time for everything else in life but ourselves and simple and inexpensive pleasures.

This book aims at breaking the social barriers and taking a leap towards the ignored territory. Devoid of repetitions and preaching, the book is a collection of reminders we all need from time to time to reinfuse purpose, humor and a bit of twist to the journey called life.

Do read my book and offer me constructive criticism.

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Come, be a part of my journey and share yours with me. Together, we can build a community of like minded mavericks. Don’t wait, connect with me now.






I am a maverick and believe in living life to the fullest. I dream of traveling the world and letting go of all inhibitions. One day, I’ll surely make it 🙂


Interests for Life


A few things in life make me passionate. My love for cycling is surely one of them. Riding on two wheels outside is reflective of the journey within me.


Amidst all the chaos of the modern day life, I always make an endeavour to find balance. The best way to do so is by priortizing health over everything else.


Travel fascinates me like nothing else. This beautiful world of ours is meant to be explored. Hence, I have a whole list of places added to my travel bucket list.

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Ripples And Reflections

Ripples And Reflections

"Ripples and reflections" - Few are lucky enough to get the opportunity to relive and reminisce the past as vividly as the present. It all seems so clear and recent, so many firsts in life that not only added to the charm but altered the course of lives. I still remember my apprehensive self,...

भारत एक ख्व़ाब है

भारत एक ख्व़ाब है

कहते सुना था हमने उन्हें भारत एक ख्व़ाब है, ना धर्म इसका कोई ना ही कोई जात है। इस ख्व़ाब को जो देख ले, मन भी उसका साफ है। तेरे मेरे से कहीं परे यह सबका पहला जज्बात है। ख्वाब की तरह पूरा करने की एक चाह लिये, जो मानता इसको वतन ना हिन्दू ना मुसलमान है। तेरा और मेरा सोचना, और सोच को फिर थोपना। लगता...


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