The Start

Welcome back dear readers! The day did come and I had a sleepless night, turning and tossing in anxiety. It was a strange feeling, not associated with any kind of expectations or pressure, but the fear of the unknown. We all have our demons to fight, and so did I. "A warrior acts as if … Continue reading The Start

A Soldier on Wheels

A very warm welcome to my dear readers. We all have dreams and some more dreams to pursue those dreams 😛 . And we keep planning and envisioning but, there's always either lack of time, money, will, motivation and "life is keeping me so busy" context to it. Then, there are a few who break … Continue reading A Soldier on Wheels

Exploring The Tribe

I'll start this one with a question. What according to you is your reboot therapy? Let me guess! Travelling... Being a nomad... Wanderlust!! Well almost everyone you toss the question to will bounce back with the above replies. More or less, people like a change in scenery. You guessed it right, this one is about … Continue reading Exploring The Tribe

Gibberish Talks

Race and pace, two elements which have taken over every mind and soul. This is the era of extra, more and exceptional. People have made peace with the chaos around and have started living in easy installments. It amuses me to the core, knowing there is no certainty in anything but death, yet the obligation … Continue reading Gibberish Talks

A Cube of Smile

"Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful." - Thich Nhat Hanh What is life? Everyone has a definition, rather a plethora of explanations to enlighten you. But what exactly is life? Is it the air we breathe, or the food we eat? Maybe the creatures around us, or the hustle bustle which keeps … Continue reading A Cube of Smile

The star still shines bright !

Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, but a bitter truth, that confronts and hits you hard when you least expect it to.   The year was 2015, when a selfless and carefree man (my brother) was diagnosed with cancer. As scary as it seemed, scarier was the lack of any concrete treatment for it. As … Continue reading The star still shines bright !

A Date With Freedom .. Romancing the bylanes of Delhi !

As India gears up to celebrate its 72nd Independence Day, me and my best biking buddy decided to roll and capture the spirit in its rawness. The air-filled with so much energy and vigor, vehicles adorned the national flag, all kinds of street art dotting the city, and the sky clear and blue. The iconic Red … Continue reading A Date With Freedom .. Romancing the bylanes of Delhi !

Where the Falcons dare (Delhi-Chandigarh cycle ride)

Sometimes life brings forth opportunities too tempting to let go. And something similar happened with me a few months ago. An idea was lingering around and enticing me for quite a while, which I presented to a strong fellow rider on a century ride and caught her fancy too. Prologue The idea was floated among … Continue reading Where the Falcons dare (Delhi-Chandigarh cycle ride)