Feel like going back in time, when days used to be heaven and nights were the dreamland. Never thought life would be so unpredictable. No doubt I have learnt a lot but who wants to grow up with only shadows around. I hear words of encouragement but my wisdom seems of no use. I do … Continue reading Scratch

The Ride To Glory (Phase 2 : Goosebumps )

Hello Friends! I am sorry for not keeping you guys updated about Aftab's journey as often as it was planned. Some causes are so close to your heart that you prefer waiting for the right moment and the right words to flow rather than scribbling anything. So devoid of any more delays let's join in … Continue reading The Ride To Glory (Phase 2 : Goosebumps )

Superficial Soul

It’s been days now, since I've heard that sound, And my mind's so lost, Wish I could turn around. The path seems so long, the footprints all gone, just some memories left, and they echo around. Love I found and lost, at times, Things I could never call mine, Reality that I’m left with alone, … Continue reading Superficial Soul

The Perfect Shot

I've been counting days since all this started and every day, the fear manages to take one more step towards its victory. The mind and body have got used to it now, but the heart wants to leave everything, and run back to where it came from. The deafening sound of bombshells exploding and bullets … Continue reading The Perfect Shot

Love Me Not

Beautiful day, I can’t seem to get, what brought me so far, There's an end to it, they say. Wish I would've known before, Because now a lot has been lost, and things seem pretty out of control, Where the story ends, and the end begins, I’ve lived through those days, My soul is lost … Continue reading Love Me Not

Why I Started Blogging ?

While returning from work this evening I was wondering why this job. I mean why a job? Why not jobs! Something new every day, new faces, new chores, new discoveries. Why do we keep heading back to the same place day after day, have to meet and greet the same set of people whether we … Continue reading Why I Started Blogging ?

Change of Plans

Last night I was in conversation with God. Yes you read it right! Mr. God... the supreme creator, the one with the super remote and a mischievous smile 😛 . We do chat on and off over a drink or two but not too often as we both are too busy managing the crazy world. … Continue reading Change of Plans

Calling It A Day

I count my steps And I count the swaying heads The beat of marching feet A sense of sweet retreat The day has been long And the eyes are already dim With a heart full of hope And as much ready to elope Every step is a leap Every breath so deep Grinning from ear … Continue reading Calling It A Day