Pampering The Beast

I have been neglecting the beast for quite a while now and so it was decided without any second thoughts to dedicate the last day of the year to it. The intent was to pamper it and give it a new lease of life.   The plan was simple, take a short ride to the … Continue reading Pampering The Beast

Spinning Desires

Two wheels and a path long journeys on my mind saddle up my friend we are going to be fine Some sugar and some salt life is a big feast climbing up and down the edge me and my beast Some call me crazy some laugh at my gait I was born to fly alone … Continue reading Spinning Desires

Ecstatic Soul

Hey guys this is something I am trying for the first time inspired by a fellow blogger Pia Majumdar . Kindly comment and provide your feedback regarding my foray into the genre. Deep beneath the sheets Under my skin I still have the impression of your touch The bites and marks those intense moments the labored … Continue reading Ecstatic Soul

GOA (Great Outdoor Adventure) Diaries

Flight tickets... check! Swimwear... check! Music... check! Camera... check! Oh wait, I need to start from the start. Prologue Boring monotonous life, mundane routines, heightened stress levels... I am allergic to all of these which makes me an urban nomad. Urban for the fact that I am surrounded with concrete and cement, I guess that's … Continue reading GOA (Great Outdoor Adventure) Diaries


I see a riot of red and white some green mixed in between shiny blinding lights Bells tinkling and pearly white An old man tugging along on his ride I hear the screams of joy tonight children clutching their socks so tight I sit on the ledge enjoying the sight My Christmas Merry by their … Continue reading SPARKLING SHINING X-MAS

Inkless Melodies

I fear, someday the ink will dry up the words would cease to exist thoughts would be dull as the days and there would be something amiss Ideas would be scarce melodies will fade away Every story at the crossroad not sure where to sway Will it be like that or my imagination is wild … Continue reading Inkless Melodies

This Is Me

This is me, when I am free The smirk on my lips Says the tale of my creativity This is me, full of life The gleam in my eyes Holds the secret of being alive This is me, black and white The frame is my canvas My shadow is my light This is me, loud … Continue reading This Is Me

Birthday Tales

Take me away Take me far On the wings of my dreams Like a shooting star ... I did start with these lines but changed my mind quickly for this post deserves more than just a few displaced words and some interesting pictures too. 31 years ago on a wintry, chilly and rainy night was … Continue reading Birthday Tales

Mercilessly Beautiful

I see these waves hitting the rocks ruthless and unforgiving ready to pounce upon They roar with a might known only to few An angry soul, a beast within The truth is ever silent the calmness of a storm Ready to fight and wash every sin I see these waves unlike anyone of you they … Continue reading Mercilessly Beautiful

It’s Not My Job

"I wish I was a millionaire and I wish I had special powers along with a hell lot of skills to serve the mankind and society. I wish I was powerful and strong enough to make every effort count. And I also wish I was influential enough to teach people right from wrong. Oh ! … Continue reading It’s Not My Job