Redolent Memories

Sitting alone with some old memories I realized, life is a book Every page An amalgamation of characters every fold a nook Footsteps some near some far but the sound resonates Ink of every color on the canvas like a beautiful mermaid Some stories we leave behind and some we cherish Like the smoke from … Continue reading Redolent Memories

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

First award nomination of the year and the irony presents itself in its funniest form. Everything seems shrouded in mystery at present in life 😛 . To begin with, this award represents the creator's (Okoto Enigma) desire to unearth the beautiful, talented and mysterious bloggers in this sphere of words and ink and catalyze the link … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

My Truth

Life is never unforgiving, nor the time is sadist, the only discomfort is putting in those efforts at a time when the pace is comfortable while trudging the known territory. Phase after phase we keep working hard and strive to be better at things we actually do not like. Calling it destiny and accepting the … Continue reading My Truth

Men Apart, Every Man An Emperor

Dedicated to every soldier, old and young, martyred and serving, for we breath because they bleed. It's my land, it's my fight Every drop of blood, every sight I am the hell I am the devils' plight Standing tall to every order Every pulse in my fist I unleash hell when I move I am … Continue reading Men Apart, Every Man An Emperor

Happy Birthday Maa

It's my Mother's birthday and I want to write a special post for her to let her know how much I love, respect and care for her, but I am totally blank, at loss of words. Emotions are overpowering and the mind is brimming with thoughts but there is hardly anything worth writing coming to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Maa

Fire On My Wings

Once again throwing my wings open In search of new skies I start alone Unknown and a little scared of the struggles ahead I push myself up It's been quite a while I've been lying prone Days and nights were the same but not anymore I still look for the ray Which used to shine … Continue reading Fire On My Wings

Coffee O’Clock Date With Wifey

2019 rang in with a bang and poor wifey got down with fever and infection which practically grounded her and kept me busy with the routine. To break the monotony and cheer her up I decided to take her out for coffee this evening and it actually turned out to be quite a nice time … Continue reading Coffee O’Clock Date With Wifey


Staring at myself in the mirror Mixed emotions engulfing the soul Drum beats resonating in the mind I wish for a miracle Embarrassed at my lacuna Lack of interest to achieve Humiliated and sordid Pushing the daemon insight I hold myself and let go the pain I am the miracle Devoid of a luster Phoenix … Continue reading Awakening

Happy New Year

Wishing each one of you a very warm, happy, meaningful, healthy and smiling new year ahead 😀 <3 ! Live your life instead of dragging on! Worry less and do more! Knowledge is your best friend! Balanced thoughts and wisdom are quite rare! A smile a day keeps the doc away 😛 ! Enjoy the … Continue reading Happy New Year