“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”Thich Nhat Hanh


What is life? Everyone has a definition, rather a plethora of explanations to enlighten you. But what exactly is life? Is it the air we breathe, or the food we eat? Maybe the creatures around us, or the hustle bustle which keeps us occupied.

Try as much as you want, but the answer would still remain a mystery. Every perspective to what life is would seem right, yet the question remains unanswered. For life is not an entity, or a feeling, but a celebration of every moment you have, to do what makes you happy. Life is not the breaths we take, or the frequency with which the heart beats, it is a new born’s cries and a dying person’s chuckle, knowing very well what his fate has in store.IMG_20180816_200108_452_wmThe reason behind bringing this up was the depressing state in which people choose to live and drag every day of their life through the lies and deceits. We crib about everything under the sky and have a plate full of criticism, ignorant of how complete we are in almost every way. Close your eyes and imagine where you want to be. Sing that song which makes you smile, weep, jump or leap, for it’s your right to feel every emotion and forget about the man-made worries.

I see so much chaos around me, at work, on the streets, worried faces and hurried footsteps. Everybody is tensed and anxious in anticipation of something that might be 😛 , but oblivious to the moment they are living in. I am neither a preacher nor do I intend to influence, but it affects me to be surrounded with stress machines for we are mortals.


I would rather prefer gazing a bird in flight than spending an extra hour at work, reading for hours over numerous cups of coffee than fidgeting with my phone, walk in the rain than visiting an amusement park. Nothing is ever enough, for the wants and desires are never-ending. There is more to life than the daily schedule. Try to break the chains and enjoy the surprises thrown at you rather than being a control freak, adopt what is simple and discard the complexities. 20180612_122615_wm

Life is a gift wrapped in beautiful layers. Don’t you think the unpacking should be enjoyed similarly! Each layer at a time 😀 .

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