As India gears up to celebrate its 72nd Independence Day, me and my best biking buddy decided to roll and capture the spirit in its rawness.


The air-filled with so much energy and vigor, vehicles adorned the national flag, all kinds of street art dotting the city, and the sky clear and blue. The iconic Red Fort, looking like a bride in its red embrace, abuzz with the preparations, attracting curious and admiring stares.


Feeling Crazy

It was decided to visit the part of Delhi, where its soul resides and every nook and corner has a story to tell, i.e., Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. This place literally never sleeps and has something for everyone, but not for the faint hearted 😛 ,  as it will make you jostle at every footstep and for every breath you take. This ride was not one of the regular affairs as the focus was to enjoy the flavor of celebration and amalgamation of so many cultures existing as a nation.



The sea of shoppers, shops adorned with national flags and kites, the aroma of freshly baked sweets, it was all so mesmerizing. Though there was chaos, but there was no sense of urgency, no heated arguments, and no alter egos clashing, as if everyone was intoxicated in the celebration of the nation. Greetings and smiles exchanged at every few steps and people voluntarily making way for you is what describes the spirit of people here.


Flight of freedom



Rolling on with our bikes (at times on foot 😉 ), we made our way to the mansion of the famous Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib, last great poet of the Mughal empire. The legend was well versed in Urdu, Persian, and Turkish but never worked for a livelihood. He wrote his first poem at the tender age of 11 and his forte was the philosophies of life.


The man with the legacy


It seemed as if we were time travelling, immersed in the deepest thoughts.

There was a strange peace despite the hustle and bustle, every soul seemed content and happy. That is what freedom does to you, which is what being independent is.


Foodies to the core


And the journey continues …


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