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70 odd years

Am I too old or still young

Not too far I have stepped yet

A melody that is too often sung

by the mature and ignorant alike

I have braved

Every season under this sky

Saffron on the head with white on the chest

A little green underneath

And a blue speck to identify

I am the mother to cradle

and the father to put up a fight

My stature is of the tallest order

Sugar-coated sunshine or overcast skies

Not for me I ever seek

In all of US I believe

I was born as a nation of many

Oblivious to this incredible divide.



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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

43 thoughts on “A Nation’s Voice #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Very nicely written, I like the last line – oblivious to the obvious divide. It is still a very young country. I know that there is a lot of criticism about progress, stability and economic affairs and bureaucracy that sits on top. However, it is an incredible journey that this country has gone through in a short time since its independence

    1. No doubt about the incredible journey and the future prospects but some underlying concerns need strong and immediate action. Thanks for your time and thoughts 🙂 .

      1. India is one country for seventy years. Earlier it was a civilisation. It still is.

      2. Civilisation was predominantly Sanatan Dharma for more than 2000 years. Country is Secular since last fifty plus years.

      3. Hinduism is not religion. It is dharma or way of life. When Indian subcontinent was ruled by different rulers politically, some Hindu, some moslem, later British, one unifying chord from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Bhuj to Digboy used to be message of Ramayana, Mahabharat, and message of Hinduism. That is cultural India, tied by message of spirituality.

      4. Hinduism is our dharma. If you delve deeper it gives out principles and not an individual worship or to follow someone’s dos and don’t.

      5. Yes. Hinduism has gurus that show path to self-realization. But no prophet. Even Ram and Krishna don’t claim themselves to be God or prophet.

      6. In that case the whole community collectively is heading in a very wrong direction with hardly any clarity and connect to the real essence of being a Hindu.

      7. Not at all. The only confusion remains that in all Government documents under the religion column, Hindu is an option and that is accepted in all it’s entirety, whereas your logic states it as a dharma and not religion. Moreover the worshipers of Hindu gods and goddesses treat it as a religion again and not just as a dharma. Dharma is duty and religion is faith as per my understanding.

      8. The idea of religion came after British and then in independent India. I guess for official purpose, they simply stratified people in terms of religion and Hindu became a religion. About worshipping many gods, Hindus believe while shapeless, formless – Nirakar and Nirguna Brahman is the ultimate goal, nirakar is not everyones cup of tea. So people form their personal gods. Like formless water and solid ice are the same, a god with form is the manifestation of same formless. And by this analogy a shaivaite, a tantrik, and Shasta are all religions like a christian or a muslim. All comes under the universal umbrella of Hinduism that says truth is one, people call it by many names.

    1. It’s not the age of the country that the number depicts, but a rebirth after independence when it started it’s journey of growth. You are free to disagree and have an interpretation of your liking buddy as language and thoughts are free for all. I sincerely appreciate your time and thoughts 🙂.

    1. Thank you Kalpana and I am all praise for your well researched and complied efforts which are spreading awareness about important yer ignored aspects of life.

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