Once again the nation is awake

to a new breed of patriotism

War mongering and slogan shouting

refracted concepts through the prism

I signed up for this job

not because of my religion

But I see scattered pieces of India

Because of the very same reason

Yes I kill with a smile

So that I don’t go insane

Life is not as easy for me

My biggest strength is my pain

Leaving every emotion back home

for my family to cherish

I stand tall and strong (for you)

Undeterred, even though I may perish,

alone and cold

in the lap of my buddy someday

Tricolor wrapped souls are heavier

than they actually weigh

I need not those candles or marches

For we are a breed apart

Be humans worth fighting for at least

That could be a great start

I get afraid at times too

mind full of thoughts and a worry

I am here to watch the door my friend

what about the hearts full of fury (back home)

Do not pray for my well-being, for

I have my breaths counted

Every time you fail as citizens

In my diary it gets accounted

Clean up the mess for once

Smile and do not ignore

what was obvious yesterday

shouldn’t be today anymore

You want war and I want peace

That’s the difference of thoughts

Movies, media, sentiments shape your perceptions

My heart resonates to gun shots

I know more at 19

I have seen enough

Believe me when I say so

you have never experienced rough

Peace and Piece, are meanings apart

for you it all works as per dictionary

Last few days I spent, searching for both

Some mortal remains I am tasked to carry

I may mourn, my buddy’s demise

Once I am sure you are safe

For now it’s a long night ahead

The brave do not always need a grave.

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