I am a techie who loves experimenting to the core. Desk does not give me the thrill, hence I seek it in the unusual things in life. My forte is being the jack of all but master of none 😉 , which is okay since it’s One Life and a journey to explore. The aim is to reach out to the farthest contour and the most interesting people around !!

I firmly believe in following my passion be it for cycling, writing or something unexplored and intend to motivate and tickle others in the process for it is worth trying whatever may be the outcome.

I consider myself lucky and fortunate enough to have found really talented and beautiful people in this community of creators and as a result of the positivity and guidance around, have been able to add another feather in my cap off late in the form of my newly published first eBook, The Disconnected Vibes, which talks about the journey each one of us wishes to undertake but postpones it for some or the other reason and aims at breaking the social barriers and taking a leap towards the ignored territory. If you wish to join me on this adventure, I welcome you to go head and download your copy.

The Disconnected Vibes

Feel free to connect with me on this beautiful journey 😀




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