In the midst of this restlessness

Apprehensions on faces around

There is an unknown race to win everyday

Countless fears in my crown

Battlefields get drawn so fast

Strategies are born of every kind

Unknown of the existence today

Plans of the future occupy the mind

So much to learn and grasp

Every inch is already occupied

Neural circuits are a fashionable mess

Every ignorant soul certified

Simple is complex

In more ways than thought

Wisdom and foresight orphaned quite often

Convenience of guilt, with me I brought

Every fear and backtrack

Bears the mark of confidence galore

Glorified adventures, they like to call them

My punctured soul is still sore

I see two paths on the fork

One bright the other pale and dull

The lights are too bright for me my friend

Strange voices still resonate in my skull

Nomad, I have always been on these shores

Proud bearer of my mast and fate

Simple was never complex for me

I have learned to carry my own weight.


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