Life has a funny way of keeping us entertained although at times it would seem as if you have been over burdened with every possible problem it can offer. Arguments and debates are a luxury of free world which I am lucky to be a part of, yet I have made a recent discovery in my own realm. Not every hurdle is a problem and not every problem is a challenge.

Coming straight to the point, I am actually fed up with a lot of things happening in life and in the process of putting up a fight I have felt the rough edges I have been creating off late. And some introspective and crazy moments with myself have led me to the conclusion that your life is as good and as livable as you want it to be. To put it to test and not just preach I have decided to write a piece everyday, be it a post or a poem and see how consistent I can be. It would primarily be to help in the following ways :

1. Keep healthy and creative thoughts flowing.

2. Keep the mind off the shit strewn around.

3. Be the change I intend to propose.

4. Test my creative edge under stress.

5. And most importantly, be more focused towards my goals.

No matter what topic I pick and irrespective of the quantity of the content, the effort will be to maintain the quality. And it goes without saying that your support and comments would keep me inspired and pumped.

“It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change.”                                                                                               – Donna Brazile

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