Take me away

Take me far

On the wings of my dreams

Like a shooting star

I did start with these lines but changed my mind quickly for this post deserves more than just a few displaced words and some interesting pictures too. 31 years ago on a wintry, chilly and rainy night was born a legend who feels the same way even today πŸ˜› .

Jokes apart, in the process of growing old there are moments which give you the leisure of being treated special and nobody can practically deny the pleasure… lol! In fact had it not been for the wifey, I had completely forgotten about my birthday for my brother’s wedding kept me occupied and engaged since a day before. But being the sweetheart she is everything kept rolling so smoothly like a symphony. Be it the late night Dessert Cutting (we prefer experimenting with pastries and desserts instead of cakes at home), morning drive with mom, all day surprise gifts or the delicious dinner.





Apple Pie & Truffle

The day began with a surprise Birthday Ride planned by my cycling buddies followed by cake cutting at the iconic India Gate under the heavenly showers (yeah it did rain!). The best memories are created out in the open and not in closed confines is what I believe. Also I grabbed on to the opportunity of driving my mom to work and spending some really funny and quality moments with her (which is our way of de-stressing).


Partners in Crime


The Wolf Gang


Happy High


Overloaded with Carbs and Love of course πŸ˜€

Even the breakfast was planned to be a surprise, for me and my dad seldom have it together. The pampering and attention you get on your day gets overwhelming at times, which is what scares me. The avalanche of phone calls and messages buries you deep down and overloads with love and blessings πŸ˜€ . But who doesn’t want to feel special! So much so as I wanted to take a nap I kept drooling the whole day being the center of attention.

As no birthday is ever complete without the golden moment, mine came with the evening. No words can express these moments of being in the company of the people who matter and hold a special place in your life.


Diabetic’s Dilemma πŸ˜›


Wife’s Creativity + Friend’s Talent = The Most Beautiful B’day Gift <3

And so the birthday did come to an end and life will go on as it should, but the bank of memories got credited with a few more moments to cherish and behold.

20181213_172142 (1)


The Royal Treat

PS: A very happy birthday to people who share it with me. And a special one to those who neither have someone to celebrate it with nor the means.

Count your blessings

and shine your star

Every day is your birth

everyday a new start

Being alone is not a curse

there is always a friend within

Every breath for the ones you’ve ever loved

The whole life is a crazy spin.


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