Thousand promises to keep

Countless talks yet to complete

Endless days and nights yet we need

a few more to proceed

With the plans that we have

Life is easy and still bareback

All these memories

Buried in the haystack

Shadows followed me everywhere

Every moment that I could spare

Turned out to be a new struggle somehow

Blue blooded sheen, my breed is rare

Broken chains and opened locks

is what I wish

My song is simple

my moments of peace are my bliss

Yet so much chaos around

and I still struggle

Priorities were never wrong

rather subtle

Expectations and responsibilities

Never let you rest

A few dreams up my sleeve

Are the ones I call my best

What is Life

I am often asked

By a wandering soul

Holding my mast

Wish I could discover it out

if only the mind was devoid of any doubt

I am free of my worries today my beloved

Getting lost is not an option now

Don’t let the focus sway

for I’ll be back with some more

Thousand promises to keep and relive

Memories scattered all across the floor.




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