Another attack… Brave hearts lost!

Country in mourning… tempers flying high!

Condemnations… politicians, actors etc.

Backstabbing neighbor… Terror launchpads… Terror funding by Pakistan!

Revenge… Strike back!

These are the current sentiments of the nation and every soul is burning with rage and anger. This has been the case for quite a while now and I think an SOP should have been created for the same by now. Terrorists strike, there is loss of precious life, emotions flare, people condemn, investigations start, people discuss, media is busy, families are compensated (Really?). And then what!

The weather changes, something else grips the fancy of the nation and it’s another story added to the archives. The question remains and so does the problem. Terrorism is not a game but a full-time profession. Terrorists are not the problem but the mechanism behind the whole setup. On an average 250-300 terrorists are neutralized in Kashmir valley alone every year and neither the influx nor the intensity has reduced ever. Is it so difficult to comprehend and ask why?

We as Indians are so embroiled in the trivial matters of life without which our survival would be doubtful, that ignorance comes naturally to us now. For the non-Indian readers it’s important to understand that the two biggest challenges our security forces have been facing for quite a while now are the grand issue of KASHMIR and the internal instability created by the Leftists and the NAXALS.


Stone Pelting on Soldier In Kashmir

I was once asked by my wife whether there exists any solution to these problems to which I replied in affirmative. But, these are the gold mines of our beloved politicians and their muse. They help them fuel their agendas and keep the mills running.

The empowered human assets of the nation so conveniently demand for separate states (based on castes), community based special status for free jobs and benefits (RESERVATIONS), temples and mosques, but have forgotten their primary duty towards the nation. The nation is expected to take care of everyone and grow by itself but who constitutes it?

The Forces defending us against internal and external aggression and instabilities deserve RESPECT and HONOR, not signified by protest marches and lighting candles for them, but imbibing their values of NATION before SELF and One Flag One Nation. They don’t need the compensatory money and land but a helping hand in putting an end to this madness and chaos endorsed by uneducated and undeserving minds. They are same as you and me but still a class apart because of their values, discipline and commitment to do right and stand for it.


Civilian Rescue by Indian Army

What happened in Pulwama, South Kashmir ?

A convoy of 2500 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel consisting of 78 vehicles was targeted by an explosives and IED (Improvised Explosive Device) laden SUV which reduced a bus to shambles resulting in the demise of 40 brave Indian soldiers and huge collateral damage.


The target vehicle in the convoy.


Tending to their brothers-in-arms


Nation’s Loss


The Coward (Terrorist driving the explosive laden SUV)

The attack was owned so very proudly by JEM (Jaish-e-Mohammad), a known terrorist outfit operating from Pakistan and completely and aptly funded and trained by their army and ISI (Inter Services Intelligence).



It will be planned and executed as and when deemed fit but will not help us reach anywhere near the solution. There are various aspects that have been discussed by the experts for a while now and have been an insult to the families of the brave soldiers who serve their motherland without any expectations and qualms. Reason being, these attacks have become a routine and despite sincere and fierce efforts of our forces to subdue them, the movement has only gained momentum.

Long Term Solution

The evil should have been nipped in the bud itself. Trimming the weeds in your backyard is a sheer tedious and futile exercise since the roots are intact to help them grow again. The need of the hour is to target the roots and uproot the entire structure and mechanism which is the Pakistan Army. Loosing all 4 battles with India made them smart enough to understand that a direct conflict will always be an expensive and non-viable option for them, hence, the proxy war.


The eyes are dry

No more reasons to cry

The smiling faces of those lost

On the walls are perched high

They stood guard on their call

Standards high and ever tall

When the bombs started exploding around

Every breath was controlled

Neither they panicked

nor did they run

The men to their left

were their only concern

Strewn around are the pieces

Of bravery and resolve

Still warm and soaked in blood

Wrapped in torn clothes

They have a task at hand

of picking and piecing them together

It’s going to be a long night again

In the company of bad weather.

**Dedicated to the Martyrs who give their all without worrying for their fall, their families are supreme to be able to bear the toll.**

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