New day, new beginnings, new adventures and new challenges. 2019 has been the year of many new ventures or tasks for me and one of them is going to be this challenge, i.e. #BlogchatterA2Z.

Writing is in the blood and so is being restless. One life to experience so much, the hunger is ever-increasing. I actively started presenting my literary works in the mid of 2018 with a little apprehension but the love and support bestowed by fellow bloggers and lovely readers has made this an addiction for me. And honestly, this is just the tip for I crave for more creative vibes and attention.
The journey has just started and there are countless milestones to achieve together. One more step towards the freedom to create, explore and learn without boundaries or schedules.

This challenge primarily aims at creating a post everyday starting with the alphabet A and the last day being dedicated to Z (barring Sundays which are for rest and planning 😛 ). The aim is to be consistent, creative, engaging and polish our skills as best as we can. Also it will serve as a medium to bring together thousands of creative minds with zillions of thoughts and experiences to share.


I would not be limiting myself to a specific theme for one it’s not mandatory and secondly my forte is being random. What you can expect and look forward to would be a host of topics on various domains and some poetry too. 

So guys and gals, get ready for a literary bonanza all throughout the month of April 2019 with #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and show your love and support for all the hard thinking and ever inspiring bloggers.

P.S. : Feel free to be a part of my journey through this challenge by sending in your suggestions and feed backs. Also do suggest topics keeping in mind the alphabets which you would like me to write about and I’ll try my best to weave something interesting for you 😀 .



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