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Hey Guys!!

Hope everyone is sailing smooth and in high spirits. Well more or less I am having the after effects of the #Blogchatter challenge from the previous month and believe it or not, it has been a revelation to me. We tend to create mental and social barriers with such ease that the task ahead always seems herculean.

Getting myself ready for the challenge was tough indeed but I feel every step or stage from there on has proved to be more challenging. A gentle pull was enough to get me started but the thought of writing every day without any theme to revolve around got me pretty apprehensive. Seeing the fellow bloggers with their focused stance and theme reveal rituals didn’t help me either, but being the rebel I am, I decided to go kamikaze 😛 .

The month started with a bang, ideas pouring, no dearth of spirit and vocabulary. But as the weeks progressed I could feel my helplessness, for sure in terms of content and flavor. You want to be different with every upcoming post but it’s not easy to experiment with your style of writing. I consider myself fortunate now to be able to break this barrier, for it lingered with me all through this while.

My poetic streak has somehow always been to my rescue in times of dire needs. Applying the same concept here, I was able to navigate my way to the very end comfortably. Reflecting back to those days I can proudly pat my back for I was able to overcome my fear of writing creatively every day without any blocks in terms of ideas or lack of words. That proved to be the second barrier I was able to break, all thanks to Virtual Siyahi for convincing me to participate and my wife who kept pushing and bombarding me with ideas.

High on my poison and basking in the glory of completing the challenge, we were thrown the next task of compiling an eBook which Blogchatter so very kindly intended to publish. The rules were simple, base the book on your theme, compile your month-long hard work in a more creative way and let Blogchatter help you publish and promote it.

Although it does seem easy now (I still doubt), interestingly I had refused to follow a theme for I am an adventure explorer and wanted the thoughts to be restless and free. At times I feel myself to be more foolish than I pretend and what a way to prove it right too. When people were excited and guns blazing, I was nervously digging posts on my blog to create a string worth presenting. Even the Gods love people with big artillery and mine was just a spark. Somehow with a pile of apprehensions and doubts, I started working on a rough draft.

Nights were dedicated to draft and plug-in required literary gaps and days had the editing schedule lined up. Without an iota of shame or ignorance, I wholeheartedly give the credit of cover design and major formatting to dear wife, who tirelessly kept pouring ideas and recommendations keeping the spirit of the eBook intact. A series of drafts and conquering some more brainstorming sessions finally led to something we could call ours. A bag of mixed emotions on one shoulder followed by another one of expectations and anxious moments is all I could feel the weight of.

The Disconnected Vibes.jpg

The Disconnected Vibes” is a journey each one of us wishes to undertake but postpones it for some or the other reason. We tend to have time for everything else in life but ourselves and simple and inexpensive pleasures. This book aims at breaking the social barriers and taking a leap towards the ignored territory. The fear of failing needs to be eliminated owing to which all through our lives we keep on dragging.

What’s In It For You?

If you dream, wish, envision and plan but are either afraid to execute or take the first step this book is definitely for you. It doesn’t give you solutions but the way they can be achieved. It invokes the feeling of being significant enough to enjoy the journey called life without worrying about what the destination would be. Accepting the complexities more readily than your preferred moments in life is what this book intends to highlight and change.

What I Gained Out Of This?

It’s not necessary to balance every scale in life. I realized it the hard way and I am still exploring. Blogchatter never seemed to be a competition but a celebration of the spirit of sharing and caring. The platform is for those who are eager to learn, associate and reciprocate.

I gained in more ways than I had anticipated. Obviously, every blogger would appreciate organic engagement and traffic, but the bonds and camaraderie that followed took our breaths away. I realized how important it is to multitask, be multi-skilled and make some marks on the wall to be noticed.

Promoting your skill is a weapon which not everyone is comfortable in handling, but broadening your horizon and helping others doesn’t rob you of your glory. And most importantly, you can only grow if you know how to take criticism constructively. Having said that, it’s just another beginning and never did I plan or imagine to be able to achieve this feat so early. The journey of being a blogger to an author has indeed been challenging but rewarding.

Taking all the crests and troughs in my stride, I do realize that there will be plenty of areas of opportunities to improve upon since this is more of a compilation of my thoughts and poetic verses than a structured book. But still, I am open to feedback of every kind.

So grab your mugs of coffee and a personalized free copy of the eBook from this download link and help spread the word too 🙂 .

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on 🙂 !



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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

32 thoughts on “Blogger To An Author

  1. Okay!! So i really have to catch up a lot on you and your wonderful writing spree..!! Mr. Author.. 😳😳

    But seriously Man.. , tons of congratulations to you..!! I mean this is huge! Seriously wow!! 👏👏

    Yayyy!! 🎉🎊😀

    And buddy.., Kudos to your other half!! ✨You’re such a lucky Man, you got a wife who’s actually walking pillar to pillar in your own dreams and aspirations! Wish you both all the blessings and love.✨✨

    Downloading my copy now! 😍

    1. It means a lot, each word of support and appreciation coming from you for sailing the same boat you understand each and every effort it takes for us to create something worth our readers’ time.
      Indeed I am lucky enough with my wife’s support but have to do my bit to reciprocate the gesture 😛 . Thanks a ton for the blessings buddy and do give your honest and raw feedback about the book. I am open to criticism.

      1. Hey Buddy.. 🙂
        I am so sorry for this late reply, sorry if this kept you conscious in someway, all this time.

        Hahaha… You know better but off course, reciprocation of positive gestures is elemental in relationships to nourish them and help them bloom.

        You have my all the good wishes for you dear friend 🙂
        And about the feedback, i couldn’t complete it, so sorry for that. But i did read first few chapters,back then only, and all i could collect out of it was, “This Man is literally conversing through the understanding and journey of his life and promptly echoing it with the minds and heart of the reasoned ones” ! Yeah..!! This was the vibe i got out of it. And i feel it’s truly remarkable when you’re able to make others vibe through you! So kudos to you Buddy… You nailed it. 🙂 🙂

      2. Thanks again Naman. My bonds are without expectations so reserve your apologies 😛 .
        I am humbled by your words and glad by the feedback 🙂 .

      3. Haha.. thanks Dear ☺️
        May be i extended that apology cuz i myself felt bad for i couldn’t respond to you in time and in a proper way. 😬

        You’re most welocome ☺️

      4. 😇😇 That’s huge!!
        You’re certainly a comrade to hold onto! ☺️
        Off course buddy and i write or not, will try to join your words of wisdoms soon.. ☺️

  2. Wow, now this is some journey.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience, you have done an amazing job, have downloaded the ebook and will read and review soon.

  3. Now this is what I call love pouring out of heart, how beautifully you have penned down your thoughts & feelings. I am sure your book will be a wonderful read & an inspiration to many. Congratulations once again, Vibhu 👍

  4. This is so wonderfully penned. Indeed it’s just not important to balance every scale. I didn’t know you had published too. Very keen to read. Will download today itself.

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