Last night I was in conversation with God. Yes you read it right!

Mr. God… the supreme creator, the one with the super remote and a mischievous smile πŸ˜› . We do chat on and off over a drink or two but not too often as we both are too busy managing the crazy world.

I know what you are thinking. HIS role is clear but mine… well I do the brainstorming for him. Yes I do!

The Conversation

Moving on to the conversation with HIM, he was worried about his unstable blood pressure and binge eating these days. Caramel cookies and exotic sundaes seem to be his only respite off late. His concerns revolved around his most proud (supposedly) creation,i.e., us humans. Even he was shocked about the intensity of chaos we were capable of spreading far and wide and the audacity of improving upon it every given day.

So to reduce the tension and ease up his chords, I suggested a change of plans, to which his eyes gleamed with hope again. Now given the responsibility of being the adviser I am, this was the perfect opportunity to present the blue prints. 

The Proposal

As the existence and evolution of humans date back to 200,000 years, it is not easy to tamper with the SOP on which the race has survived, yet I proposed a change in syllabus. Imagine how boring it gets repeating the same cycle again and again and no increment in the expectancy of life at all. The same old stages of childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, married, working, slavery, helpless, old and frail and lights off at the end. 

So I suggested reverse osmosis to it. Stupid! Really?

Give it a thought…

Everyone is born old, mature but weak, experienced but dependent, resourceful but fragile. It is not the best part of the visuals but still you are alive. Fast forwarding a few years, you start afresh. A lot on the platter but the will and strength you possess. Family, friends, wealth, wisdom, knowledge… an arsenal to take on this world head on. Gravitating towards the phases of anxiety, excitement, new explorations and being a virgin again πŸ˜› . 

HE opened up to the thought for a moment and almost jumped in his chair, when the request from Mother Nature diluted the celebrations mid-way. 

It was a plea, urgent but sordid in nature. She could no longer bear the pain and pressure on her chest and had requested for an immediate quake. We both looked at each other, a feeble smile passed HIS lips. Unspoken words got exchanged and I shoved the blue prints away, to be discussed sometime later. 

So to say God is under a lot of pressure at the moment and there has been a change of plans again πŸ˜› .





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