2019 rang in with a bang and poor wifey got down with fever and infection which practically grounded her and kept me busy with the routine. To break the monotony and cheer her up I decided to take her out for coffee this evening and it actually turned out to be quite a nice time together.


Together in this weather, listening to and singing our favorite melodies, driving around the town we reached the destination. Settled in a warm corner with our hot piping cups of coffee, discussing the journey together and reminiscing memories, time just flew by.


I wonder how conveniently we tend to postpone and ignore the most desired moments in life only to crib later and putting the blame on everyone possible but our efforts. The year might not have started with a bang for us, the skies might be gloomy tonight, but I am ready with my fire my friend… the wings are warming up for the flight.


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

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  1. These are the moments that remain with you forever. Very nicely written. Wishing you a very happy new year, and a speedy recovery to your wife

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