Welcome to day 3 of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and today’s sneak peek would be about how and if at all you can be a COHERENT BLOGGER.

BooooOOORinggggggggggggggggg ! Yes Of course 😛 .

Coherent – logical and consistent/forming a unified whole

Blogging – add new material to or regularly update a blog/write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog

Well there’s always an interesting side to everything, concept or idea and it applies to BLOGGING too. I see a lot many people jumping the band wagon in haste, with unfair expectations and distorted notions. The trend applies to other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter too.

Life is always good, provided which angle you choose to view from. With the advent of technology came exposure and opportunities. Blue ticks and verified accounts, army of followers, crazy social engagement and the shiny disco ball leave us all mesmerized and baffled with the thought of “Why Not ME!” and a wild desire to be the next sensation.

What is missing from the equation is the actual algorithm and calibration to proceed. Just like Rome was not built-in a day my friend, you can’t have all that attracts you by any shortcuts or hacks.

The magic ingredients are not found on Mars but strewn all around you. Be humble enough to pick them up and incorporate in you quest to being THE ONE.

  • VISION – The sole identifier of a creator (blogger/vlogger/photographer). Vision does not have a definition for me as it is ever-changing and evolving, but is unique all throughout. Two people working on the same concept with the same content but with widely differentiated approach is what sets them apart.
  • SMART WORK – Don’t get me wrong when I advocate smart work for I do not intend to degrade the importance of hard work. The pace at which things move today is way faster than a few years ago and staying afloat with the shoal it’s imperative to be smart. Obviously there can never be an alternative to hard work.
  • TIMING – Knowing the relevance of your content and striking the cord at the favorable time contributes tremendously. Depending on your style of blogging you can anticipate the mood and vibes and alter the course accordingly. Getting familiar with the swings of your audience (or target audience) is the key.
  • PATIENCE – A virtue but seldom practiced. Miracles are part of Arabian Tales and not real life. Overnight success is a myth and any promise to help achieve it is a mirage. It’s like hiking up a steep mountain, slow and steady, tricky at the beginning but graduating at every fall and getting wise with every bruise 😛 .
  • REFLECT – I have a thumb rule in life – Introspection. Self-analysis or evaluation whatever suits you should be your silhouette. Reflecting back at your steps helps in improvisation as well as course correction to stay consistent in quality and content with your readers. Blogging apart it has helped me stay humble and grounded in life too.

What works for me might work for you as well and skyrocket your efforts. And there’s nothing wrong in following someone’s lead, but you are just following with no actual sense of your surroundings.

It’s similar to wearing a parachute and jumping off a plane because it is cool, without actually knowing what is to be done next. The push and pulls are never perennial but your own efforts.

Getting down to business, the path to the top has to be carved by you with your bare hands and it’s going to be messy with your sweat and blood. Finding your niche and going through the pain of hand picking every word for your readers is the magic mantra. In this life of counted breaths and handful moments I intend to respect every minute and view they cast on my thoughts and recommend the same.

Till then SMILE and LIVE while you can for there is plenty of time to drag on 😛 .

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff up ahead 😀 .

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