Dear Dowry #BlogchatterA2Z

Day 4 of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and I am already numb. The energy, excitement and activity all around is astonishing.

This post dedicated to letter ‘D’ would be engulfing and a quirky reminder to our shallow and hypocrite beliefs.

Marriages are made in heaven and the almighty is the match maker, but they are monetized here on this planet and we are all a happy party to it.

Believe it or not, 21 lives are lost to dowry in India everyday and many more are shattered forever. It’s imperative to understand that more than societal it is a state of mind. The onus not just lies on outdated beliefs or traditions but the submissive nature of youth as well.

A hardworking soul sacrifices his/her entire life to provide for their family and it all goes away so conveniently to a stranger as an assurance fee for the bride’s well-being, comfort and safety. Don’t you think you should be standing up in denial and setting on fire the outdated and illogical traditions!

It was quite amusing for me to know that this system was prevalent in our country even before the British Rule and is so deep-rooted that any attempt to abolish it COMPLETELY is often met with resistance than support. Urban etiquette and sophistication glorify it even further in ways more innovative than the best of inventions.

Argumentatively people defend it by stating it to be a source of financial independence for the bride after marriage, but interestingly most of those urban brides are already sufficiently equipped to handle their finances.


On the contrary the rural setup hardly has the will and the outlook to change for the good. Inflated egos and bloated pride are the source of ultimate orgasm for them.

Parents have an interesting and vital role to play in this inning as well for they are the ones responsible for sowing the seeds and nurturing the harvest. A balanced and well cultured upbringing is the best dowry they can give to a son or daughter alike.

Hope is the basis of every effort and having said that, the youth is empowered and capable enough to bring about a revolutionary change. The situation is indeed improving but not at the pace it needs to be. It’s time to repaint the canvas and bring about an order of equality for the bridal side too.


This debate is never-ending for there are associated issues to be dealt with and for the same I deliberately avoided presenting facts and figures. Nonetheless, the concern remains the same and even one convinced mind would be reward enough for me.

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on 😛 !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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34 thoughts on “Dear Dowry #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. It’s sad to see that this age-old custom still persists in all strata of society and has taken newer and innovative forms. A thought provoking post!!

  2. A first-time reader of your blog today. Dowry is synonym with taking, demanding and something which needs to be stopped. A thought-provoking post.

  3. Coming from a young boy like you, already gives us hope that our youth is certainly changing for the better. Keep going dear.

  4. Marriages are just like festivals, very sacred and pure. It is not a business where we can play a game of give and take. Girl’s father gives his entire life’s treasure what’s else anybody should expect.

  5. Dowry is an evil that has been prevalent in India society for centuries. I believe the amount of money being given to the groom’s family it is also a matter of pride to the bride’s family of all people. I once heard a social worker say that in some families in Bihar the bride’s father boasts making statements like ‘pachchas lakh ka ladka tha! Mein pahdhrah mein le aaya’. It is time to change this sorry state of affairs.

  6. The modern generation is not behind dowery however it has taken a new form. Gifting groom a new apartment, car etc have become routine now. A big fat wedding is also a form of dowry. It takes another decade to make it o away completely. Great post!

  7. A thought-provoking post indeed! The concern is reasonable enough to justify your post today. I wish this thought passes through many maligned minds prevailing in society. Loved it when you said a well-cultured upbringing is the best gift any parent could give to the son or daughter.

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