Day 5 #BlogchatterA2Z

E for Elephant and E for Erotic!

To start with I am at work and I can’t keep myself from giggling like a kid at these unstructured and unrelated thoughts ๐Ÿ˜› . This challenge has its side effects and I have started experiencing them too.

For sure this post is about none of these but EDUCATION.

Education is the foundation of every civilization and is an integral building block of the social setup. An organized structure is always attributed to fine tuned and flexible minds.

Significant is the fact that we quite conveniently set benchmarks and are quick to proclaim the definition of the term. Anyone able to read and write, provide logical arguments and instructions, debate and so on are some of the established ones with major consensus. I feel it is more about the real life sensitivity and compassion rather than the degree of reading and writing skills we posses.

Education means empowering and liberating, providing a sense of right and wrong, instilling acceptance, perseverance and being open to thoughts. Do not restrict the scope to learn, analyse and shun what is wrong.

Values, ethics and order in life are true markers of being educated rather than chaotic sophistication. A beggar willing to share and care is much more educated to me than someone aptly read and dressed yet ignorant to be an influence of change for the less fortunate.

Coming back to the Elephant, it’s important to educate about the good things but ignoring the complexities (Erotic) is not recommended at all. Deviations and distractions happen only when we decide to avoid certain integral aspects which return to haunt us as the anxious daemons.


Erotic and Elephant have the same significance in our lives and help to maintain the required balance lest you decide to ignore one and deny it the required EDUCATION.

Rest I leave it to your scrutiny as I am still in the process of educating myself ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for thereโ€™ll be plenty of time to drag on ๐Ÿ˜› !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.

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