I’ll start this one with a question. What according to you is your reboot therapy?

Let me guess! Travelling… Being a nomad… Wanderlust!!

Well almost everyone you toss the question to will bounce back with the above replies. More or less, people like a change in scenery. You guessed it right, this one is about travel.

But dedicated to the type of travelers we all come across while on our epic and eventful journeys. The race is diverse and as imaginative as it can get 😛 .


The Planner

A planner is one who gives attention to smallest of details and is meticulous from the word go. You feel the most comfortable when he/she is on board for you know all corners are covered and every mile is well planned.

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The Dictator

Now this is where my wife would prefer fitting me in. Taking charge of the operation from the word go and overseeing till completion. This tribe consists of individuals who reside on the borderline of being a planner and a control freak. They do not believe in the concept of being led.

The Follower

Obedient, is the word for these kind of travelers. Always ready for orders and smooth executor of tasks. They are the backbone of any travel group.

The Nomad/Wanderer

They never plan, they never seek, but they are always up for the game. Hoping on the wagon and exploring with the flow is their forte.

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The Foodie

A plate full of delicacies and a handy pint of beer is what you can expect of this lot. I am a firm believer and advocate of their philosophy of “connect to the food to connect to a place”.

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Mr./Ms. Click Click 

Locked and loaded, on the prowl, scope to scope, eyes fixed on the target. No it’s not a sniper but our very own Photo traveler. Never to miss a moment, the perfect blues and greens, filtered and unfiltered, he/she always has an ace up the sleeve to give that exotic touch to every detail and frame.

Shop till you drop 

Next on the list is the creed of shopaholic for whom the whole experience of travelling is about shop-eat-sleep repeat. Brands, street ware, antics, cheap thrills, it’s all covered in their wish list.

The Rebel

The spark of the tribe. He/she is the one with the wildest of ideas and craziest of moments to cherish. They have a knack for finding the perfect mess, the perfect shot, the perfect party joint and the perfect but the weirdest solution to any problem.

Classifications and categories apart, we all are fond of travelling and have our individual purpose to seek that journey. Sometimes it’s an escape from monotony, at other’s it’s to seek peace of mind. Some undertake the journey to come back refreshed and reloaded, while for other’s it’s a revelation, quest and discovery.

Packed bags, laced boots and a cluttered mind is all it takes to be a traveler. What kind you want to be is always secondary! 😀

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