Freaky Fingers #BlogchatterA2Z

“There is only a finger’s difference between a wise man and a fool.”

                                                                                                           – Diogenes

As much as it pains, it is amusing to a similar degree how we have evolved into creative and sophisticated zombies 😛 . Head bowed in deep slumber into devices of slavery and fingers overworked and ignored to an extent where the sensory nerves have already given up.

It is quite funny to observe people of all ages freaking out those innocent fingers into doing something almost insignificant most of the times. Nobody cares about their feelings or deep-rooted values to keep to themselves and not poke around… lol. Smart or ordinary, the phone has proved to be their biggest foe-man.

With all the advancement in technology the burden has increased manifolds for the fingers 😛 . Feeling harassed by the touch, gesture, sense, feel and God knows what all inventions, their pain remains ignored. Almost 43% of smart device users have experienced thumb pain and other critical conditions like Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (text claw/cell phone elbow) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Life is indeed about enjoyment but the balance has to be maintained. Finger cramping, aching muscles, numbness and tingling sensations are all indications of your cruelty with a body part most integral to our existence.



I learnt it the hard way when I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis about two years ago and had to take steroid shots in my wrist vein so not to damage the nerves permanently.


(Tenosynovitis – inflammation and swelling of a tendon, typically in the wrist, often caused by repetitive movements such as typing.) 

It would be convenient for me to go on and on with examples and explanations but I have no intentions to make this blog any boring and a drag. So I’ll gladly share a few pointers which can easily be accommodated in our lifestyles and will contribute significantly towards the aim.

  • Treat your fingers and devices with respect and let them rest too.
  • Stretch the fingers, wrists and forearms as often as you can.
  • Try and use full range of motion of your fingers and hand instead of restricted actions.
  • Time control while gaming and browsing through applications.
  • Enjoy your surroundings for a change.
  • Learn to interact (not virtually).
  • Shutdown for a while everyday and talk to yourself.
  • Intentionally stay away from your devices as much as you can.
  • Do not ignore any symptoms of trouble and seek professional advice.

To be or not to be

I will not debate it

Free like the flight of a bird

And every kind of shit

I have been there, seen it all

Fingers raised at every word

Complex yet simple is the solution of choice

Rest every argument is absurd!

“I think it’s a pretty good day if I can get through it without lifting a finger.”

                                                                                                        – Jane Kaczmarek

I would stop preaching now since I’ve got my fingers in a lot of pies and they are actually relishing it 😛 .

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on 😛 !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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45 thoughts on “Freaky Fingers #BlogchatterA2Z

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  2. Been there, done that. I was diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome around 3 yrs back when I delivered my twins. A lot of exertion, wrong postures resulted in something really BAD. There were times when I was unable to even open a tap. God, I can’t even imagine that pain. Thanks for writing this post and creating awareness.

  3. Blogchatter A2Z?? 🤔😳🤔😳
    And you’re already dealing WT’F’ !! I mean ‘freaky fingers’ ?!😛😁
    Hmm.., means i am really late into your blog carnival!! Ok okay.. will try to catch up !!😜🙃
    This post’s so on Point and RELEVANT !!
    And off course the way you put your write-ups, Man.. i see expressions literally rolling!! 😁 That’s some talent Dude!! 😉
    You called it preachings, i would call it “Masala Preachings” or “Mac Preach” !! 👌😉

    Love the way you shout-out the Imperatives in such a cool way..😉👌👍

    1. Man I literary missed you. Your honest feedback and engrossing comments are what I look forward too. They are actually more creative and engaging than your posts 😛 . It’s such an awesome feeling to have wonderful blogging buddies 😀 . Keep inspiring and stay tuned.

      1. Hahahahaha..😅😅😅!!
        Oh Man..!! 🙌🤜😁
        This could be a “How to be missed without writing/writing a good blog” moment!! 😬🤓
        Thanks buddy, but yeah you’re right about my blogging😋😁!!

        True that..!! 🤗 It’s a perk being a part of such wonderful conversations, through amazing posts and some real conversations!

        Keep up enlightening buddy.., with joy and some ‘Mac Preach’ 😉😉

    1. Hahahaha… your reply is much more humorous 😛 . And do give some rest to your hands and if it’s persistent kindly start using a hand brace and consult a doc.

      1. I am extremely sorry Derrick 🙁 . May you find peace, support and love within. We are here with you buddy. Do express and talk if that helps.

  4. A very pertinent article in these days when we have lost our ability to live without our gadgets. Our fingers are constantly tapping buttons and looks like to some extent it has become unavoidable. It is up to each one of us to strike a balance.

  5. Oh! I did not know about this condition. A new blogger here and jumped into writing everyday! I will take care, thank you for this information. Hope you and your fingers are doing well now!

  6. I love the humorous twist you’ve given to a topic that we all must know about. The more time we are spendig online, the more chances that we are harming ourselves.This lesson can not be repeated enough.

  7. Injuries like Tenosynovitis are real problems of over use of gadgets and fingers. May be soon they will come up with voice command devices, already Siri and Alex are there, but things can be improved further to read our thought and do things. Then a man will never has to get up from bed, his Alexa or Siri, will play games and man will watch.

    1. They already do have apps which take verbal notes and do the writing for you but that can’t be replaced by the fun of manual writing 🙂 .
      Also it’s the over indulgence with gadgets that is alarming and harmful. Striking the balance should be the focus.
      Thank you so much for your thoughts on this 🙂 .

      1. Man will never get up from bed. He should buy a robot for all other things. Robo can type too, with no fear of nerve damage.

  8. This post is an eye-opener to all who are misusing the things. I was not aware of that syndrome and tenosynovitis. Thanks to meet us with reality.

  9. This is new to me! Never thought about it. I was getting thumb pain because of excessive typing. Then I reduced mobile usage and started using the laptop more. I have learned a few Mudras to keep my fingers healthy. Hope you are doing fine now. Very insightful post.

    1. Thanks Sanjota. Yes I am perfectly fine now but still dread those sleepless nights and weird days. Hope this effort reaches out to maximum people and help them prevent the painful.
      Do share those mudras with us too 😀.

  10. Gosh, I never thought of any of this! Then again, I still use a flip phone and glare daggers at my husband whenever he dares touch his iPhone when he’s home. It sounds like you learned the hard way, but I hope this makes more people consider their frequency of use and think that maybe they should put the device away.

  11. Last June, a blogger friend of mine was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Her pain made us realize how much we abuse our fingers in this era of technology. Informative and useful post to remind us about the need to slow down.

    1. I hope she did recover and is fine now. Please pass on my wishes to her.
      I feel we as human beings are straying from our roots and it’s important to tweak the recipe so that it becomes relishing again. Hence, I try to present the already known but ignored with a twist and some hint of humor/sarcasm.
      I am glad I am being able to convey what I intend to and the content is not lost to experimentation with presentation.

  12. Very interesting post! Very nice topic you chose to write today, I am sure many people are going to relish your writings and information you provided through this blog😊 trust me I never knew about Tenosynovitis, glad you shared such important message. It is the need of the hour when everyone of us is on internet crawling from one app to another and simply ruining our health and relationships around. Great post 👍💜

    1. Thank you Priyanka. You have turned out to be a great friend, critic and support in this journey 🙂 . And that helps to stay grounded and on my toes.

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