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I am struggling with my words and thoughts about how to approach this topic wherein deep down there is so much to express.
Be it a child or an adult, the extent and intensity of expectations remain the same. Crude are my thoughts and rigid is the stance for I believe in rebellion.

We all want a safe and secure environment and I would not at all counter it for the fact that it makes for a comfortable living. But at the same time almost all of us are prey to a mutual feeling of lost and being cheated. How many times have the thought crossed your mind that it was something else that you were born to do and even putting up a fight is not feasible right now!

It crosses my mind every night when I go to sleep and renders me restless. Not because I was forced but because I was afraid (I still am to an extent). There is a famous saying in the army that if you want to complete the circuit, run within the group, neither ahead nor behind. The logic behind the concept, the group drags you on. But this rule primarily applies to individuals who find it more convenient to be led and have no actual ambitions.


Not everybody can be a leader but everybody is and can be different. Life is full of humor and chances if you can smile and dare to accept. Important is not to alter course at every turn but to identify the correct course in order to not miss the right turn.

Expectations are laid down since the day we are born and carrying the dead weight till the very end is always regarded as an accomplishment. You just need some motivation and a few supportive people around to take the plunge.

I always wanted to be an Air Force pilot, turned out to be a Civil Engineer and ended up working in IT. The passion lost to fear in the journey somewhere and it took me a while to unearth the rebel. Writing (Blogging) gives me satisfaction and pleasure but not the safety of my regular job. The struggle to find my feet is still on but I have at least been able to convince myself to try. Success or failure becomes secondary when you are living with a vision rather than just safely dragging on because that’s what is expected. The journey ahead is uncharted for me but I am free to steer it any which way I would want.

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There is a thin line that separates guidance from expectation. Guide someone today but let them have their own modest expectations, for life would be much less stressful for them and full of self-respect.

I expect (pun intended!) to hear your side of the argument too and then we can have some common expectations with mutual consent 😛 .

My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.

– Michael J Fox

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on 😛 !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

42 thoughts on “Great Expectations #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Such an insightful and enlightening read with a taste of humor. You definitely nailed! Be a life long learner, try and learn new things. Putting your best effort forth. If you fail learn from it and try again. Become more skillful, but never give up.

  2. A very interesting post. I really liked what you said about how success and failure don’t matter when you’re living with a vision. That’s the philosophy I’m going to adopt now.

    1. Makes me immensely happy that people are connecting to my thoughts. I can’t guarantee a lot of money or promotions but definitely unparalleled satisfaction.

  3. Sometimes it happens so that while growing up those expectations kind of dont be a burden unless one day you realize that this is not what I want to do. This is not what I want… This is not what i want to be. But its too late to realize that and then it becomes hard to fight back those expectations. Because all your life you were living a lie you yourself did not realize untill something happened and you finally have realized. Sometimes expecting someone to be too good all the time becomes exhausting and once they don’t be the way we want them to be we term them as “selfish”.

  4. I know and I totally agree with your view. Expectations from everyone even if they are some distant relatives play havoc in our lives some times. It takes a lot of courage to be a rebel and carve a path for yourself. You may not succeed or achieve your goals but that feeling of satisfaction is surreal. Excellent post!

  5. Hi there, This is the 1st time I read your post today and it resonated so well… Some Great honest thoughts poured out here.
    I feel everyone has a journey of life that he treads and every little experience and every small character; all have an important part to make this journey unique. There are a few who pick up cues and hear the inner voices and end of discovering their real selves along the way. And that is a life well spent. As far as expectations are concerned, I usually honor the ones that come packaged with genuine love and leave the rest out to ignore. Glad to visit your site.

    1. Hey Kushal, the pleasure is all mine. I second your thoughts and appreciate the simplicity and beauty with which you summed it all up. Thanks for giving your valuable time to my thoughts. Your encouragement is what made my day.

  6. Thanks for the “Monday Motivation”!!! EXPECTATION – a heavy word, right…Well, one thing that I have learned in the last few years is NOT to expect anything from anyone. It was tough in the beginning but gradually I started practicing and I am at peace. Now, when it comes to me, I am a dreamer. I don’t expect miracles to happen but I never stop trying to achieve what I dream.

  7. Dude…!! I’m not going to talk about this post! Not at all! ‘Cuz you said almost all!
    I’m going to just say, you’re one underrated writer(mind it) i read here!

    Seriously!! You don’t express for the sake of expressing/writing/blogging! You just come out of your shell honestly, effortlessly, and pour it all here – All crude and through vast dimensions of yours!! That’s a beauty you know?! Owning and celebrating the pain and chaos and still moving forward steadily.., with all the spirit a spirited soul can fathom!! ✨✨
    Keep it up buddy!! ✨🤜

    Ps. Your Dp does give a slight idea of you being an Aviator!! 😜

    1. You know what, you are the silver lining to my cloud 😀. There are only a few who have the ability and the willingness to explore behind the curtain. You are one of them, an equally rebellious, free spirited soul who is unafraid to explore and reveal.
      You never miss a chance to make my day 🍻🤗.

  8. You say what we all want to but switch to diplomatic mode when we have to:)

    ‘There is a thin line that separates guidance from expectation. Guide someone today but let them have their own modest expectations, for life would be much less stressful for them and full of self-respect.’ I have learnt this the hard way, and doing so has made life better and peaceful

    1. I am a happy soul because of you lovely people around 🤗. What else can I ask for! Baas thodi financial freedom bhi mil jaye blog se toh life would be a bit more rewarding 😋.

  9. Your posts are always honest opinions displaying life’s trajectories, this was no less than a Monday Motivation for the readers.
    Our life is all about trial and errors, we dream something, study another subjects, do something else and end up dissatisfied and dissapointed but somehow I feel thats’s where we discover our capabilities and never stop working on ourselves. We have enough people around us who weigh us down with their expectations, and we become nothing but a coolie of our own life.. Let’s shed some burden with this.
    A great start to the morning with this post of yours.

    1. Motivation comes from the feedback and appreciation and I have been lucky in both the aspects. Though it’s always challenging to strike a balance with emotions and practicality but somehow I am learning to strike a cord. Hope my random thoughts help someone to shed the weight and approach their dreams confidently 😀.
      Thanks for every kind word and always pushing me for one more step ahead.

  10. You have penned many thoughts that I also feel. Yes blogging is satisfactory, but to live one has to do a job, no matter how one dislikes it. Because, money may not be the most important thing, but it is important enough to run a household and fulfilling daily needs. Second point is about being afraid. Yes many a time we feel scared and do not venture into something different. The fear of ignominy eats us out. But if a person had a choice between becoming a pilot vs. an engineer, he has chosen or forced to choose. It is not fear, it is practicality. But I agree, it is not leadership but being forced into doing a thing because it may be relatively safe and be a source of good income. Every person goes through these thoughts.

  11. This one is truly interesting. From a small age we are bombarded with expectations and expectations until a point our motivations run in opp direction. In childhood we are almost sure of what we will become but in this process of growing up, we end up confused and hurt. But guiding someone makes them more respectful towards the person guiding and the path they are persuing. This is a very meaningful and wonderful post. And yes, not knowing what is ahead makes the challenges more fulfilling.☺️😊

  12. Society, friends, relatives, family, people around us including the ones closest to us will always have expectations from us. But what is your expectation out of yourself? My husband is a doctor – a profession considered to be the best along with Engineering. And he loves his job. He can’t think of doing anything else and his expectation is to give it his best. I am a could have been researcher or lecturer turned market research specialist turned Banker turned writer. The expectation was that I would choose the conventional field but everytime I followed my own path. Both of us believe in meeting the expectations we have from ourselves before thinking of what others may say. Just that he followed the conventional route and I turned out to be a rebel. Your posts make me write comments as long as a short blog post. They are that engaging. Brilliant stuff.

    1. Each and every word you wrote had me smiling from ear to ear. That’s the best payback a blogger/creator can get when he/she is churning out stuff that appeals to the readers and forces them to engage at a personal level. I can hit the bed as a content soul now 🙂 . This connect helps me stay creative and grounded.

  13. Motivational post!Especially the draw one, Exception Vs. The reality, very true, What we expect for and what we get? but one thing is also true at the same time is don’t lose the hope and never give up on your trying habit.

    1. That’s the message I wanted to send across and it seems it worked to an extent. Thank you so much for your time and thoughts 🙂 .

  14. How interesting.. I’ve always been a glass half full kind of person, so following my passion gives me immense pleasure. But I think you’re right in saying that the reality is often far removed from our expectations- no matter how passionate, single-minded or hard-working we are!

    1. I believe in trying even though I might fail. Expectations deny us the chance sometimes due to the tremendous weight that we have to carry. I don’t want to lie on my death bed with any regrets.

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