It’s my Mother’s birthday and I want to write a special post for her to let her know how much I love, respect and care for her, but I am totally blank, at loss of words. Emotions are overpowering and the mind is brimming with thoughts but there is hardly anything worth writing coming to my mind.


Teenagers Again πŸ˜›

Maybe it’s my raw emotions which really do not need the weight of words behind them and a passage other than the bond between us is not required at all. I Love you Mom and I know you know it. I will always care for you and you won’t ever seek it. Your care, comfort and well-being is my priority and will always be, but I know my smile is your ultimate strength. And every day you bless me unconditionally is half the battle won for me.


You have been my super hero and shield anchor all this while Dear Mom, it’s my turn to walk the mile with you now. Honored and blessed to be your son Maa, Love you till eternity <3 .


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