Happy Diwali

Hey Friends, I haven’t been as active as I intended to for more reasons than I can think of and it will get covered in a blog post soon, but for the moment it’s Diwali here in India, the festival of lights and crackers (I personally refrain from them due to the ever-increasing pollution issues).

The significance of this festival has always been associated with lights, crackers, prayers for happiness and prosperity followed by lip smacking sweets and food and exchange of wishes and gifts for me. Anything that remotely relates to the religious or mythological practices has never really excited me 😛 . Nonetheless, we do pray and seek for health, happiness and prosperity for all.

In a nutshell, Diwali is the reason we do a complete makeover of our house with all the cleaning and beautification with an intent to invite the goddess of wealth and prosperity (Laxmi ji). Here I present a glimpse of the preps and actual celebrations that are ongoing in the house and wish all of you a very happy, prosperous, blessed and SMILING DEEPAWALI (DIWALI) 😀 .



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