“When your eyes are closed in deep silence and all words, music and thoughts have disappeared, you can hear the music of the universe. Only then can your heart talk to the heart of the universe.”
― Debasish Mridha MD

Four days without a blog and I am already feeling lost, desperate to write and connect with you all. Interestingly there is no dearth of content or ideas, rather so much lined up to share, but it’s a different phase altogether. I call this phase as ‘The Chaos’. Nothing can satiate you, days drag by and nights are weird. Music, movies, chit-chats, nothing holds your attention for long.

So, what have I actually been up to since last 4 days? Well, to answer that in a jiffy, I just dreamt. Dreamt about all the fitness schedules I made at the start of each week only to drop off by the mid of it, the countless pending tasks I have on my planner yet being too lazy to start implementing and most importantly, constantly delaying the all important full body health check up I am supposed to undertake ASAP.

Then in the midst of all this there are contingencies, last moment shopping excursions for weddings and engagements since the season has already started in India, and believe me it is GRAND. Followed by sudden bouts of viral infections and not to forget the workplace shit.

But given the irony that life is, humans always succeed in finding some iota of solace even in the weirdest of chaos 😛 . My solace came too, in the form of PUBG (an online trending game available on all major platforms like PC, XBox, Android, iOS etc.),

PUBG MOBILE_2018-10-16-22-59-32-01.jpeg

a much awaited visit from my darling NIECE and the wonderful time spent with her,


a quiet date with the WIFEY,


a heart to heart talk with DAD and intently listening to my MOM’s stories about the kiddos at school (she’s a teacher).

We all need a break, at times long and sometimes brief to be able to let our guard down, go with the flow and just enjoy the surroundings which we choose to ignore more often than not. I was wondering and struggling to pick up a topic to post but then decided to pour my heart out and have a heart to heart talk with you all. It’s not necessary to always be at the top of your game, it is quite interesting to be in the audience and spectate once in a while 😀 .

Also as a matter of fact all of us go through these phases in life but feel a little shy and apprehensive to share for the fear of being judged. I look forward to reading about your chaotic phases in life and know how you deal with them. There is always a sense of freedom in this chaos too 🙂 .

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  1. Heart to heart posts are my absolute favorite to read, but not necessarily write. I love that they give a glimpse into who a blogger is, but, as a serious introvert, I shy away from revealing too much. But I do love it when you pour your heart out because you have one of the biggest hearts I’ve met here.

    P.S. Your niece is absolutely adorable!

  2. If my chaos was like this then I would share it too bit my chaos is total chaos 🙄

  3. Oh man – so much chaos here these days both at work and at home. Off and on over the past several weeks I’ve been in situations that remind me of when my son was first born: There are things to do that can’t be put off but you’re so tired you feel you can’t move. The nice thing this time around is our son is now 20 so he can help.

    In the face of chaos I’ve been doing a couple of things. The first is to try to find moments of normalcy. It seems like you’ve been doing that. For me it has been cooking a meal, or reading a book even for a few minutes before bed makes a huge difference.

    Your saying “Dreamt about all the fitness schedules I made at the start of each week only to drop off by the mid of it.” really resonated. I keep trying to restart my cycling routine and keep getting derailed. I’ll be back at it before long. Indoors, mostly now, as we’re down to the single-digit temperatures much of the time and it will only get colder…

    1. Yeah, winter is coming here in India as well so I hope to get more regular with my rides too. But the festivities make you complacent, careless with diet and happy high all the time. I just love the aura and atmosphere at the onset of this season which continues till Holi in March.
      Oh by the way got an appointment scheduled for the health check 😜.

      1. Definitely. My first trip to India was this time of year and it was really great.

        Interesting. So with winter coming you ride more, yes? Just the opposite here. Only the most hard core riders will be out on a -20 day. Surprisingly with the right clothes it is quite comfortable. You just have to have all of your exposed skin covered.

      2. Yeah, true all skin covered makes it more comfortable. Winters are better suited for riding for the energy depletion is slow, winter sun is pleasant and you can ride in the noon too 😛 . And we don’t have any sub zero temps here.

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