There are days when you are blank and there are days when the slate overflows with words, thoughts and experiences. It has been two days in a row and I haven’t felt like writing. I know, it should not concern me much since it’s natural, but I have not even read much too in the last 48 hours. This is so unlike me!

So where is the mind wandering ? Well, it’s at unrest, unsettled, going crazy due to monotony at workplace and the lack of will to upgrade the skills I possess. I went for a walk this evening to clear my mind and reshape the thoughts and all I could do was watch them wander aimlessly. So here I am, sharing some thoughts and feelings (so very unstructured) hoping it will help, but honestly I am going to shut down the system for a while and see if it boots up fresh.

Long days

aimless treads

unclear thoughts

and broken threads

Bring me home

bring me back

lost in the crowd

in search of my track

The usual is enough

bread and butter on their mind

Survival is brutal and tough

I am one of my own kind

A roof above my head

standing my ground

some stories to tell and

some faint sounds

Is it the same

everyone goes through

or only my sky is orange

instead of blue

For now, I am sure

each step matters

Long hard days

thousand words scattered

And I lay right there

with my eyes closed

I will wait for my wave

calm and composed.






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