Drained of all the energy my brain seems to be in shutdown mode. No thoughts, no preachings πŸ˜› , no pain… no glory… lol! Yet there is a hidden agenda which we need to explore.

Ninth alphabet and the third vowel in the modern English alphabet, “I”. The word so dear to all of us with great depth and character has the power to keep us grounded as well as soar with pride. Penned down a few random thoughts keeping myself in context and still struggling to connect the dots πŸ˜› . Apologies in case I unintentionally compromised with the quality of content, but didn’t want to re-post an older blog just for the sake of the challenge.


Starry eyed

Floating with my dreams

Counting my stars

Impossible I am out to seek

I have been scared

Too many times

Ghost of my failures

Out of the corner still peek

It will happen again

On every curve of this journey

Expectations and hope alike

Desires no more

I carry now

My thoughts and a pen to write

A few words scattered here and there

A few more I am willing to spare

The “I” in my speech tonight

is the same person in the mirror I stare

With deep admiration sometimes

and with agony of a different kind

The silhouette that I carry with me

Is the one I am unwilling to share.


Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on πŸ™‚ !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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