There comes a phase in life when you are ready to reflect back and introspect on the journey. Every step taken and every companion holds special significance beyond any reason or logic. Bonds are formed and broken, promises kept and ignored, but what matters in the end is the essence that’s left behind. The essence of being a father holds true in this aspect.

Of all the threads that we find ourselves tied to there is one which although invisible but is the strongest. Something engraved and yet difficult to describe. Felt deep within but hardly makes any noise. Words can never do justice and actions are never complete for someone in whose shadow we find solace.

The Man Who Is Also A Father

It has been a long journey. And now when the time seems right, I want to reflect back on the most important man, friend and mentor in life, my father. This month he would be proudly turning 60 and also retiring from his professional duties after 40 long but fruitful years. Soaked in simplicity and devoid of almost all worldly possessions I have never seen a man more content than him.

True to the spirit of being a father he has always been a shield anchor. How he pulled me through the toughest of situations and the roughest of patches in life is still a mystery for me. His approach and upbringing has brought me this far and made me who I am today. Obviously it becomes more and more difficult to pen what took me a lifetime to understand. All the thoughts coupled with my own amateurish analysis of his personality as a human being.

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The Teachings

The most underrated and ignored emotion we can always relate to. I did realize it’s a pity we all continue to feel till it gets either too late to acknowledge or express. Hence, I feel privileged to be blessed with the insight and ability to tell my father that it’s his footsteps I follow to find some stability and meaning in life.

Every time he has told me a thing or two about life, I’ve vigorously tried to implement it forming the cornerstone of my life.

  • Life is to be enjoyed and not to be dragged.
  • Plan to reap the benefits of time.
  • Simplicity is the most expensive luxury.
  • Words are a man’s best friends.
  • Maintain a good conduct at all times and places.
  • Earn relationships, rest all follows.
  • Help and share to fuel your growth.

I have these pinned to the wall above my creative desk. Although etched into my mind and heart, a visual serves as a sweet reminder for me and everyone else running through that space.

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31 long years in his shadow. I’ve spent different phases of disagreements, arguments, sacrifices and father-son bonding with him. Losing track of the time spent with him it all seems just like yesterday. And when I try to console and convince myself of the beautiful times ahead my bag seems full of mixed emotions. Without any regrets and with countless moments yet to cherish I wish all the happiness, health and peace to my father. You can sit back and relax now dad for it’s my time to be your shadow.

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on πŸ™‚ !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.

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