“I wish I was a millionaire and I wish I had special powers along with a hell lot of skills to serve the mankind and society. I wish I was powerful and strong enough to make every effort count. And I also wish I was influential enough to teach people right from wrong. Oh ! I wish I could…”

Have you ever felt the same? Maybe strongly to overcome the guilt of being helplessly helpless or in order to convince yourself of your ignorance. I am sure just like anyone of us you did too and not just once, but repeatedly. That’s the beauty of life. Everyone wants a change, an organized system and impeccable surroundings, but IT’s NOT MY JOB. 

I am no preacher and definitely no saint but I do realize my sphere of responsibilities which I try to take care of as best as I can. And interestingly there are different aspects to it which I will leave open for debate for another time. Crux of the matter remains what we can do to make it happen (the change we want). My good deeds of the day have been as simple as helping a blind man cross the road, convincing a motorist to ride with his helmet on, guiding a lost grandmother back to her home safely, sacrificing my sandwich for a hungry kid at the traffic intersection and appreciating a volunteer spreading awareness about road safety.

Believe me, it’s worth taking out some time from those busy moments everyday to at least try, for every change happened because somebody was consistent and adamant enough to sacrifice whatever they could afford.

Give it a try my friend, you have a treasure to explore.

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