Title – Journey Sutra

Author – Ujjwal Mishra

Publisher – Blogchatter (May 2019)

Price – Free

Format – pdf

Pages – 73

Genre – Fiction

Language – English

Rating – 3/5

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Book Blurb (In the words of the author)

“The book offers a simple yet interesting story of a woman, who has lived her life for and with love of her life. Fulfilling most of her dreams, she shares her story in a very fascinating manner. While picking up memory by memory, event by event in her life she doesnโ€™t shy away from sharing her journey as a woman.”

About the Author

Ujjwal Mishra is an engineer and has had diverse working experience as a software and recruitment professional for over a decade now. She chose writing and blogging as her full-time career after attaining motherhood and has never looked back since. Her imaginative and creative streak helps her in weaving stories which have also brought her many awards and accolades in the process. Her forte is modern-day parenting and incorporates social issues, healthcare and technology in her write-ups as well.

The Review

The book is a sweet reminder of a lady’s (Antra) life journey with her partner (Suvin) and the entwined emotions within it but in reverse order. The perspective evolves from the outlook of an oldie and the journey completes in the warmth of the womb where it all originated. The author has a unique way of narration which takes you across cities, events, moments and thoughts which seem like our very own story. The flow is smooth with hardly any disconnects but the enthusiasm of the author has overshot at places, although she is smart enough to balance the rough edges.

The author starts with an introduction of the protagonist and subsequently keeps adding each character as the story progresses. The characters have an identity quite suited and fit well in the story. The theme of the story undoubtedly is the bond between Suvin and Antra and their togetherness with all the twists and turns life has to offer them.

She talks about Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, idli-sambhar and cricket in the same breath and with the same expertise and ease. It does seem as if the author has adorned certain chapters with her personal experiences which adds a feeling of warmth to the book. The spirit of story-telling takes a back seat whenever the characters talk about striking things from their bucket list as it bears a mark of personalization and the struggle to live as many of those dreams as we can consciously. The ease with which the author moves across each phase and celebrates events such as menopause and puberty is a mark of her confidence which is commendable as a first-time author.

Whatโ€™s in it for You?

The book is an amalgamation of different eras and choices which add an involuntary twist to the story. Being the story of a middle-class family maximum people can relate to it and the thought process behind it. The storyline is although not new but have an element of warmth and urban reality which most of us will connect to easily. A new perspective towards life, in reverse order.

The Highlights

The Author has invested time in painting the canvas with interesting anecdotes and the nitty gritty parts of the characters’ journey. She has beautifully emphasized the importance of change in life and maintaining the pace reflecting on the abundance we are gifted with in terms of nature, time, emotions, feelings and cravings. She talks in conjunction about time and life and their ever-changing nature which showcases her clarity of thoughts and the central theme of the book.

The Low Points

I personally feel the cover could have been more descriptive as well as vibrant given the theme of the book. Secondly, the book needs effective proofreading as it is full of unwanted and unexpected errors which do leave a bad taste and break in continuity while reading. And finally, the last two chapters leave the reader a bit confused as the author deviates from the sequence of events and also seems a bit impatient about the proceedings.


Being a first-time author she deserves accolades for the creative content and it’s indeed a book worth reading. The story is engaging and will keep you connected until the end. She has indeed taken calculative liberties at places but they won’t seem majorly out of place.

So do go ahead and grab your free copy to embark on a journey full of dreams with Antra and Suvin.

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Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for thereโ€™ll be plenty of time to drag on ๐Ÿ™‚ !

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