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“Sare Jahan Se Achcha Hindositan Hamara…”

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Disclaimer: This post is extensive and exhaustive than the regular ones, yet I’ve tried to contain as much as I could by keeping my emotions in check! Hope you will continue till the end and do share your thoughts for they are the jewels I crave for.

A nation so old, culturally rich and blessed with an unparalleled heritage. Through the length and breadth of the country, breathtaking views, abundance of everything and so much diversity. It is so heartwarming and full of pride at the first instance and maybe the second too, but a peek into the abyss of reality leaves one high, dry and crying for the state we have pushed it in.

While being proud of this nation and its heritage I feel equally ashamed and helpless at the way we have chosen to be while convincing ourselves to dwell with the unaccounted lies and life so superficial and oblivious to the damage we so conveniently are causing ourselves.

No denying the fact that India as a nation is blessed with the richness of diversity, talent, and prosperity, but why does it hurt to admit the cost we are paying for the same! I am neither a pessimist nor a devout but I have my own logic and foundation blocks which I live by and definitely use to measure right from wrong.

Today I intend to take up five correlated entities and would refrain from being judgmental for this nation needs more brainstorming than spoon-feeding.



From a humble beginning of 33 crores or 330 million in 1947 (year of Indian independence) to 125 crores or 1.25 billion in 2011, we have come a long way in terms of numbers and although fresh census is due in 2021 it is already estimated that we have comfortably crossed 1.37 billion.

Being a large diversified nation it may seem like a moment of pride to many looking at the numbers, but if you care to pull the curtain even a bit you’ll find almost every kind of problem faced by the populace attached to a branch of it. Striking a balance is as important as moving forward.

Lack of work opportunities, uneven distribution of resources, survival woes, impatience, selfish mindsets and lack of respect are few tips of the deadly icebergs floating around. Human life is considered to be a machine on the assembly line instead of being a resource. The fight to get food, shelter, and clothing has either kept or continues to keep most of us so busy that we have forgotten how to live life.

I see people breaking queues, violating traffic guidelines, snatching, stealing, cheating, stepping over and hating each other in as sophisticated as well as raw manner as they can for it is mandatory to survive. The need of the hour is to reinforce education and dole out incentives for family planning.



The advent of religion can be traced back to the 16th and 17th centuries and an overview of any religion and its preaching is proof enough to understand where the hatred gets manufactured and how it propagates our society. Neither it was taught nor imposed when the actual scriptures came into being as the way it is done today because originally those documents contained experiments and deductions for reference and as a knowledge base. Peoples’ conscience was left untouched and open to exploring the right and wrong.

Modifications and tweaks outline the modern practice of religion and represent a model supreme and unquestionable. The freedom to ask and analyze is not even a luxury anymore and people are content to abide. Religion is a personal belief and should be practiced as such rather than being used as a spice. Also, it should be prohibited from being imposed upon anyone. Uniformity and simplicity should be the only preaching.




Education forms the foundation of every social setup. A few educated individuals can bring about a prolific change with their manner, stature, and behavior. Why do we always keep promising the nation better schools and teachers when what we actually want is an army of illiterate zombies ready to vote uniformly without either analyzing or discussing. Flexibility to explore, experiment and engage needs to be shielded from people hell-bent on screwing complete generations because the only education to them is power sugar-coated in green.

Thoughts develop when curiosity is free to speak. Why are we scared to question? Free is never a solution but a curse until it’s organic. Free education is paramount but reservation is not. Free support is healthy but artificial dependence is not. Educate and teach to earn rather than giving it for free and pushing someone towards a state of chaos and total reliability. Educate to liberate and not further dominate.


images (1).jpg

Let me start with some facts collated by organizations like WHO, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Deloitte.

  • India’s doctor to patient ratio is lower than WHO’s average of 2.5 doctors for every 1000 patients.
  • A gap of 1.54 million doctors and 2.4 million nurses to bridge the gap as per global averages.
  • Out of pocket healthcare expenses amount to almost 67% of the total expenditure and accounts for one-sixth of India’s poverty burden.
  • 65 million diabetics in India which put us at the top of the global list. Obviously, it should have nothing to do with lifestyle practices and induced stress levels (pun intended).
  • 27 crore people in 64 districts in 13 states out of 29 do not have a single blood bank.

The point to drive home is not to draw a parallel with anyone but caring for our own. The reason attributed to the problem offers the solution too but the will to enact is missing. Too many to cater and so many to train. Every kind of advancement is welcome and good provided your family is in a state to reap and enjoy.



We as citizens are to be blamed more for our lack of ownership and empathy towards others and the cause. Keeping quiet and appreciating the anarchy is the worst choice to make for whatever reason. I do not want to drag on the topic for it’ll diminish the importance of my thoughts. Significant is not to concur with me completely or even partially but to awaken your soul and start inquiring. What appears right, right now can be your moment of distraught later and it’s better to be an instrument of change while you can lest there is nothing left to even regret.


With that said I have a humble appeal to make to all, irrespective of your race, age, sex, religion, and nationality. Listed below are a few fundamental and easiest steps/actions you can inculcate and help spread to make not only this nation but the world a better place.

  • Respect your surroundings and fellow beings (humans and animals alike).
  • Do not waste water and other resources.
  • Care, for it gets reciprocated.
  • Share else we will be alone.
  • Educate in mind not just on paper.
  • Be the change you seek.

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on 🙂 !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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38 thoughts on “Killing A Nation #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. I read and feel every word of your post. We definitely need to act now. Each and every issue only brings us down and pushes us back by additional ten years.

  2. I hear you and feel the same for our country but after moving to Poland I realized India is still better in healthcare in terms of availability. Education and Healthcare both are more of a business in our Nation I can’t deny the fact but at least there is something called “Emergency” when one needs it. Would you believe if I tell you that I have to wait for 5 long hours in a hospital just to get an appointment for getting my boil operated. And after waiting I was told, I need to wait for 3 months to a year as there was no surgeon available. Finally, my husband had to operate it at home as we were left with no choice. There was a guy with bleeding head waiting for the first aid for 4 hours. In India, the biggest reason for every problem is Population which is increasing rapidly. And gradually, it gives birth to unemployment, crimes, and corruption.

    1. Vartika since you mentioned Poland, the cost of living there is twice that of India and the GDP is almost half. Also, Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (NFZ) issues quota on the number of free state procedures hence the situation you had to face. Still the Govt funds a major chunk of the health care.
      India rubs shoulder with the Big Shots and yearns to be a super power, hence, it is all the more justified to draw comparisons with them.
      I feel your patriotic sentiments towards the nation but the reality can’t be ignored.

  3. The other day someone said on my post related to investment that probably that was way the Government was planning to control population. By making health care and education unaffordable. I am a proud Indian, so much so that I have refused opportunities to go abroad for studies or jobs. I believe we still have enough talent to create opportunities, but only if political leaders utilize the time and funds to address real issues rather than encash on political vendetta. Relevant and thought provoking post

  4. India has many flaws but India has a heart! The main culprit is the population. The numbers just don’t match up and it is a struggle for survival. Mexico is a third world country and I have spent a few months there and would repeatedly ask myself how a third world country like them with a slow economy is having a civic society and the lifestyle is awesome. My son replied…Population ma population!!

    1. We all know the culprit but do not have the will to nab it for we are threatened with religious and emotional instruments which are more important to our societal structure than logic. Glad you devoted the time to read this post and share your views. I would appreciate it even further if you could convince even a single person to work towards the problem and contribute willingly.

  5. I hear you and feel exactly the same way for our country. SADLY! However, after moving to Poland, I realized India still has a much better healthcare system in terms of availability. Would you believe me if I tell that you have to wait even for months just to get an appointment of a specialist doctor here or let me tell you something even worse. I had a boil which needed to be operated, there was no surgeon available for the next three months in the healthcare provider where we have insurance. I went to the Govt hospital and after waiting for 5 odd hours in extreme pain, I was told I need to wait for a minimum of 3 months to a year to get it operated. My husband had to do it at home finally. There was a guy waiting at the same hospital with a bleeding head who had to wait for the first aid for 4 hours. And the list goes on and on. In India, the biggest problem is the population which is increasing rapidly – and it gives birth to unemployment, poverty, crimes and gradually corruption. I agree healthcare and education are more of a business than service in our country now BUT having said that, I still feel its better as you have emergency service and a doctor available when needed.


    I have quoted you above. I am going to stick my neck out and say something that might bring in a political bias to this post albeit as a comment. Till 2014, when the current regime came to power no government has ever tried to homogenize India as a country. Yes, there was a certain partiality shown towards people affiliated to certain religions but the current regime seems to be openly trying to centralize everything and bring in the hegemony of the majority religion. And as you say religion is personal. My god and what I believe in is entirely my business and no one else’s. And this is something the people from the RSS-BJP combine simply do not seem to understand. My religion, my dear sirs is mine and mine alone and no one else in the world has any right whatsoever to interfere with it. I don’t understand what is so difficult to grasp in this. I am finding even my closest friends who were liberals are now infected by religious fundamentalism.

    1. It is we, the people, who allow illiterate fools like these to dictate and manipulate us on the pretext of religion. Unless we stop being selfish for petty interests there is no point blaming anyone else.

      1. Never ever under estimate your capacity attributing to numbers. Will and skill go hand in hand. Being concerned is healthy for action.

  7. You’ve echoed my thoughts. I’m fiercely proud of being Indian but I also feel frustrated with these basic issues that stop it from being the superpower it can be. You’ve rightly said that education is the way forward, and we must propagate education at the lowest levels.

  8. Nice post. Sane advice. I guess a lot may fall in place if we control our population. Because of resource crunch, a lot of things that government put out for common good are misused. Also, there was a policy to send doctors to villages to treat poor. Our villages are so unlovable, that doctors went there to collect their monthly salaries while staying in town or cities.

    The same goes for teachers. Teachers in most government schools are absentee. They would rather do private tuition or join a coaching centre. Many parents, even from lowest social strata, wants to send their kids to private schools. One because teachers come, and second because kids learn English. Many schools, do not, or used to not having toilets for girls. That barred girls from coming.

    We need to make villages liable, connect them with roads, bring facilities like electricity, toilet etc so that service providers if they don’t want to live there, may be able to reach those places regularly and comfortably. While lofty ideals are great, but not all people of a society may not subscribe to such ideals. Instead of lofty policies we should make practical and friendly policies.

  9. Great post buddy…
    Reverence for all need to be inculcated in every human to save this country as well as the world….
    We all live in cities and think with our own urban perspective… Still majority lives in rural areas… what about them and our own rural perspective?…
    How will we reach out to them? I urge everyone to think in this direction too…
    India lives in its villages… know that the situation has changed… yet let’s develop a wholesome perspective…

    1. I concur with your thoughts Ameet and the sole purpose of putting my perspective across is to ruffle some feathers and ignite some more brains. Thanks buddy.

  10. This post is a must read. I appreciate the use of brevity and logic to present your points.

    We as citizens are to be blamed more for our lack of ownership and empathy towards others and the cause. Keeping quiet and appreciating the anarchy is the worst choice to make for whatever reason.

    Well said!

    1. Thank you for devoting the time and energy to read this long post and I am happy for you found logic and sense in my words 😊. It’s a huge encouragement for me.

  11. With the onegoing elections I needed to read exactly something like this. Something that sets me thinking rather than being spoon fed. I comepletely agree with you that healthcare and education are two aspects of utmost importance for a nation. And given that we are the youngest country in the world, lack of these two aspects is going to pinch us hard in a couple of years.

    1. I am so glad and relieved to have found an intellectual and well read audience who are not ashamed to admit our shortcomings. I sincerely hope all of us can be voices and instruments of change collectively and at our respective levels. Thank you so much for yours words of encouragement.

  12. Great post,detailed yet precise to the point. You just picked up the most relevant topics which are capable enough to change the face of our Nation.
    If we talk about Education, schools and colleges have merely become big business institutions, I have paid 1.25 fee for my one grader and the way they treat you is so professional and unethical.
    Wealth ke piche bhagte hue health ki band jati hai. Har baat religion aur politics pe aake ruk jati hai. Ground level cheeze aaj bhi undeveloped hi hai.

    1. 90 percent of us are still living under the impression that all is well and we have advanced to the next level, whereas the reality stares you right in the face. Sadly we still prefer dominance over freedom.

  13. Great post there! Some more I could think of :
    – Look other person in the eye and talk. Connect physically and emotionally.
    – Roll down those car windows to greet them with a smile, not to throw garbage at their homes
    – Be aware and take care of the one body you have got

  14. Much needed post! We all have taken granted our society, surroundings, nature, and people for granted. No government can do wonders until people realize their responsibility.

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