Life Is Good !

There are times when you want and then there are times when you can’t 😛 . CHAOS is the word which describes my existence in the present scenario and to amplify it even further I might have to take a look back. Uncontrolled diabetes (yes I am a 30 years old Diabetic 😛 ), relocated office, inflated expenses, increased travel times and sudden diet shift… blah, blah, blah. And the list goes on and on.

To be honest, I had lost touch with a lot of things which I love and crave for like cycling, sleep, health, reading, travelling and of course writing. Given the circumstances the office moved further away from my place leaving me stranded with no choice but to suffer and crib about moving out of the comfort zone, but that’s when I perform best, outside my zone being a REBEL. And to top it all my sugar levels got reported in the high risk zone which again pushed me out of the slumber and getting actively back on the saddle. It brought along a paradigm shift in the diet plan as well which I have begun liking now (I am highly adaptable).


Last two months have been really taxing as the ones approaching would be but at least a few plans have been put into motion. Not being able to write was even more frustrating with still a few incomplete blog posts craving my attention. For the same reason I indulge in small poetry here and there (I try to compensate) and would love to hear your FEEDBACK about the same whether the articles are preferred over the poems.

Coming back to the chaos which has been a constant companion for a while now, I think it’s required from time to time to re-evaluate your existence and pull your shit together. Nonetheless, I am a CREATIVE crocodile who doesn’t want to be disturbed often and should be left alone with his mess 😛 .



So on a brighter side I am cycling almost 170 – 200 km in a week, have been sticking to a completely balanced and healthy diet, been on a vacation to Goa recently (blog post awaited) and planning some welcome changes (which I can’t discuss as of now). But the travel to workplace still sucks and the lack of time to dedicate to reading and writing is something that still needs to be worked upon. And as they say life is what you want it to be, I recently got to know that I signed up with Word Press some good 7 years ago and have completed posting 50+ blogs which definitely brings a smile to my face.

7 Years500 Likes

50 Posts


All thanks to you lovely people out there who share and care without any inhibitions and discrimination. God bless you all and keep smiling 😀 .


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

22 thoughts on “Life Is Good !

  1. It is always lovely reading your Blogs Vibhu..we all are in some way or the other betrayed or quitened by circumstances and life events, but to behold the smile when it gets a bit cloudy is the secret behind beating all odds..take care god bless

  2. Well done on reaching those milestones and also on getting so many things on track.

    I find for myself that while I feel my happiness when I wrangle the chaos in my life by adding routines and schedules, my inclination is to slowly let things slide until things are not in control and I feel bad. My cycling has also suffered in this sense. Up until recently I hadn’t been riding indoors or out regularly and the result was that there was a measurable decline in cycling fitness (power and aerobic capacity), and my weight has risen also. Just like you, I started putting routines together and am getting that back on track and the more I wrangle the chaos, the better I feel in all areas of my life. I’m not riding as much as you yet – and much less outdoors (it’s below zero outside much of the time) but I’m getting back in the saddle and hopefully will be ready to race again soon. Now I’m putting systems in to place to keep from slipping again.

    My personal preference tends to be away from poetry in general. I’ve never developed much of a taste for it though sometimes when it is performed live I enjoy it. So for me, the posts like this about daily life are very enjoyable. My selfish thought is I’d like to see more cycling posts. I am very curious about what cycling is like in India relative to here or other parts of the world. Most people here think I am crazy to want to travel by bicycle in India (some think I’m crazy to do it even here!), so it would be interesting to be able to judge just how crazy I might actually be. 😉

    1. Todd so glad to hear from you mate. Thank you so much for the wishes. I appreciate your lovely feedback and will try and get together more and more cycling posts for you buddy. Well you can expect a new one in regards to our friend attempting the World Record who has successfully completed over 8000 km in 90 days and is going strong.
      Also I am trying to get back in shape before you land in India so that I can match your speed 🙂 . Rest assured cyclists are indeed a crazy bunch but we are the champions 😀 . Till then stay connected and keep pouring your love and open feedback.

      1. Yes indeed. I was actually expecting words of wisdom on all of them. And let me share a secret, I purposely look for your poetic posts in my Reader section when I am short on reading time for they are short, crisp, easy to relate too and always fresh.

      2. Arrey arrey….truly humbled. I don’t aim to create complex pieces of literature ….. something that is relatable and easy to comprehend makes me happy ….glad to know I am on the right track . Thank you so much Vibhu 😊

  3. I m bad with writing but everytime i read ur blogs i feel like my soulmate is filling up all my life gaps.😍😘

  4. Travel time spent commuting to office sucks! But having a healthy diet and regular cycling should bring you some cheer. And, just yesterday I got to know of a friend’s 14 year old being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes – the tests of life!
    Congratulations on your blogging milestone.

    1. Thanks a ton friend for your wishes, time and thoughts. How can I address you ? Really sorry to hear about the kiddo, hope he manages to keep it under control.

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