Beautiful day,
I can’t seem to get,
what brought me so far,
There’s an end to it, they say.
Wish I would’ve known before,
Because now a lot has been lost, and things
seem pretty out of control,
Where the story ends, and the end begins,
I’ve lived through those days,
My soul is lost somewhere, somewhere,
in the shadows of the past,
which I could never delete,
it was my biggest defeat.

Beautiful day,
This is my journey, my pain,
my desire to be free, once again.
I’m not lost, just stopped
to breathe in some fresh air,
and clear up my head,
for the path to tread, is what
I can never complete,
and in my only deceit, I’m the sole enemy.
Expectations hurt, and mine was no different
from yours, but you got the best of me always,
and I kept on searching for a cure.
You said you loved me,
I believed with closed eyes,
when in fact it was a betrayal
and cold-hearted despise.


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