Majestic Monkey #BlogchatterA2Z

This one is dedicated to our nephew Aayan and the proud parents!

Those baby steps
And the naughty winks
Have brought a new dimension to life
Although imagination is always wild
But the real you have added a charm
Beyond the scope of words
The gleam in those eyes
The twirky hops
Every move you make
For us is a gallop
Time will fly and so will the moments
Every day would be a new frame
Baby steps and the broken words
Even your acts so lame
Will be our best
After this journey so long
Nine months of sweat and tears
And being afraid and strong
Best is all we can do for you
A shade of comfort for sure
Fancy is not how life really is
Keep it simple and pure.


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

27 thoughts on “Majestic Monkey #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Lots of love to your cute little nephew Vibhu 😀 and you have conveyed your feelings in the simplest manner yet striking all the beautiful chords and summing up with that beautiful last line’ Keep it simple and pure ‘ like his smile 😊

    1. 😀 … I am happy about the fact that I penned these feelings in the most chaotic and stressed environment and they actually turned out to be beautiful. Thank you so much for always being there as a critic, motivator and friend 🙂 .

    1. Thanks Nameera. How have you been ? Sorry for not visiting your blog off late due to the chaotic schedule and I am sure I have a lot to catch up to.

      1. No problem! I’m doing good, have been a little inactive on my blog recently. I’m hoping to get back on it soon, hopefully! And how are you doing?

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