In the wake of his honor

In the sake of his name

A candle they lit

And conveniently passed the blame

Years of sacrifice

Countless nights in the reprise

Blood, sweat, and tears he shed

And the silent cries

Which no one heard

But only his parents

It still resonates with them

Somewhere deep and inherent

Let’s pass the buck now

For the time is right

In his last moments of duty

He clung to his pride

Known to our deceit

And every reason we chose to cheat

He was a warrior of his fate

Too firm on his beliefs

His worry was not what he faced

But the hollow hearts he left behind

His love for his land was such

Unmatched to yours and mine

He doesn’t deserve this gloom today

It’s a celebration of his spirit as he would always say

The bullet he faced for us with a smile

Is the difference between his yesterday and our today.


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