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Dedicated to every soldier, old and young, martyred and serving, for we breath because they bleed.

It’s my land, it’s my fight

Every drop of blood, every sight

I am the hell

I am the devils’ plight

Standing tall to every order

Every pulse in my fist

I unleash hell when I move

I am the unexpected twist

A burning desire in the heart

Finger on the trigger

I am the first in last out

Every action backed with rigour

Tears and sweat in my veins

Locked and loaded to the core

I pray for the man to my left

Peace is my muse, bullshit no more

I hit high and I hit hard

Taking the fight where you want

No remorse for the madness you started

I am the ghost of my fallen brothers, I am here to haunt

Fire in my eyes, steel is my soul

Marching shoulder to arm

I won’t let you rest in peace

I am the Warrior, I am the Fear

Worst nightmare of my enemy

No mercy till the end, I refuse to cease.

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