Men Apart, Every Man An Emperor

Dedicated to every soldier, old and young, martyred and serving, for we breath because they bleed.

It’s my land, it’s my fight

Every drop of blood, every sight

I am the hell

I am the devils’ plight

Standing tall to every order

Every pulse in my fist

I unleash hell when I move

I am the unexpected twist

A burning desire in the heart

Finger on the trigger

I am the first in last out

Every action backed with rigour

Tears and sweat in my veins

Locked and loaded to the core

I pray for the man to my left

Peace is my muse, bullshit no more

I hit high and I hit hard

Taking the fight where you want

No remorse for the madness you started

I am the ghost of my fallen brothers, I am here to haunt

Fire in my eyes, steel is my soul

Marching shoulder to arm

I won’t let you rest in peace

I am the Warrior, I am the Fear

Worst nightmare of my enemy

No mercy till the end, I refuse to cease.


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

8 thoughts on “Men Apart, Every Man An Emperor

    1. I was part of this institution briefly so I still have association with serving and retired faujis and true to the saying, “Service before self” they live up to it every second of their lives. Thank you for the love and respect.

      1. That’s such a wonderful thing…. . ..I have a branch of my extended family from the army background …. I hold a very high regard for them

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