Life is never unforgiving, nor the time is sadist, the only discomfort is putting in those efforts at a time when the pace is comfortable while trudging the known territory. Phase after phase we keep working hard and strive to be better at things we actually do not like. Calling it destiny and accepting the obvious is not a mark of being smart but fearful.

Easier said than done for I find myself at the same crossroads and still struggling to chart the way forward, but I refuse to surrender to the usual and stand face to face with my truth. The truth of being afraid to try to experiment, to embrace my passion and stop wasting the limited time I have.

Surviving is as important as following your dreams for there can be no dreams without a stable existence. And not everyone is born lucky or fortunate enough to be thrown the exact opportunity as desired. So the key is to balance the see-saw and wait till you get enough weight behind your back. Having said that, 2019 will be the year of discomfort, struggle and pain for me or to put it in a more sophisticated manner it’s going to be a grind with a twist but walking hand in hand with my truth and at least trying is what I am going to attempt.


There will be times when moving even an inch would be as tough as climbing the Everest, but I intend to tie a knot and hang on to my rope till the way is clear and progress is met. It’s a long year ahead and I hope to find some degree of stability and solace. The key would be to stay mobile and keeping that head up in the face of the storm. The idea behind sharing my thoughts is to reach out to people going through similar emotions and scrambling for solutions. There is no such textbook solution to any of these challenges but only patience, perseverance, efforts and when nothing works, just sit back and relax.

“Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird. Be whatever, because life is too short to be anything but happy.”

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