Tie me down as much as you can

Leave a mark on my shoulder

Pain won’t escape my mouth tonight

Unfazed unlike the boulder

I break everyday

For the sake of survival

Denial is for you dear master

I am the fear of my rival

Patience and hard work

I have always sworn by

But no more of that I am left with now

In this jungle of discrimination

and deceit

This head of mine will no longer bow

To hell with your kindness

and gestures of pity

I am old enough for this adultery

Deny me if you want

and turn your back around

Let the plastic leaves fall off your tree

The facade of grandeur

you throw around

has nothing to do with your royal claim

The pillars of your castle

stand firm on my soul

For you it’s a matter of ultimate shame

Fill your coffers some more

like a sadist

and laugh on my poverty

like a maniac today

The end game is unfortunately

the same for all

But for you it’ll be

an endless highway.


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