Like a drop of dew
Like the purity, divine
Things I never knew
I assumed to be all fine
Thunderous clouds far
Roaring to show their might
I tried to count the stars
It took me countless nights
If I ever could
Think above the unimaginable
Years of wild life
All in vain, untraceable.

In the shadows of the dark
Life loomed and survived
Coincidence, so stark
Flashes of bright light
Sleepless nights
Guilty stricken faces
Stare right upon me
Memories of old places
People I knew
Know me no more now
All my identity diluted
In this whirlpool it drowned.

Tell me some more
Or sing me a song
Of love, joy and life
What’s wrong and what’s right
It’s a never-ending path
Somewhere straight and somewhere a bend
The path upon which
Sometimes ANGELS too descend
Blood rushing in my veins
Painful screams in my brain
This defeating paranoia
Driving me insane.

You cut me apart
and I trusted you all throughout
a nice piece of your art
without any doubt
No glory or pain
after this feeling of being hurt
everything seems disdain
I pray for a rebirth.






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