There are days when you come across situations where in you want to react, but the mind has a different plan. Something of the sorts happened with me last night and trust me, it was not at all easy to wait these many hours to unleash the mighty pen.

This post is in regards to someone’s outlook towards a country, the society and the people who are an integral part of it. I humbly request you all to take the pain of going through this post Why India is Becoming Hell before proceeding any further.

Assuming that you have already gone through the extensive outburst of my fellow blogger Sharmaji’s Solutions , let’s proceed.

The Shock

The post’s heading “Why India is Becoming Hell” got my attention and stayed at the back of my mind all through the week (wasn’t getting much time to read). I desperately wanted to go through it to see the ease and tact with which the topic was approached, and I am ashamed to say it was dealt with quite poorly. Now the author/blogger can take offence to my words and say that I have no right to be judgmental about his words or blog but honestly I am not lashing back at him. I respect his freedom to express but please do not cloud your vision is all that I want to convey.

The Poison

“So , I am Going To Prove You That India Is Heaven and Indians are Citizens of Hell”

“It’s a Nation of Corruption and hypocrisy”

“Indians Are the Most Immoral People on Earth in Modern Times”

“It Is The Most Sexually Frustrated Country Of The World”

“India Is Full Of Lust!”

“Almost Thirty To Fifty Percent of Indians are Either Gay, Bisexual or Have Sexual Difficulties.”

“India Is Overcrowded Country With No Human Values Left”

I can go on and on quoting excerpts from the reference blog but that would not make me happy. The concern here is the mindset with which the topic was approached and the blog posted in public domain. There has never been any country without its share of challenges and anomalies nor has a perfect society ever been into existence. I am no different from my fellow blogger being a resident of the same country and have my moments of frustration, helplessness, despair and anger. But that does not give me the right to rant when I know I have my own dedicated contribution in the prevailing chaos.

The Truth

Is it really that bad as it seems? This is a question for every Indian Blogger going through this post and others who have been to India at any given point in time.

There is no denying the fact that like every other society we too have dark spots and areas of improvements, but does that qualify us to be a third world nation with no order in place, destined to be doomed! Being hurt and disappointed is understandable, but venting out senselessly and making strong baseless and absurd statements as below simply displays immaturity, personal vendetta and inability to stand up and take responsibility to change things.

“It Is THE COUNTRY OF DEAD. So If You are A Good Person ,Want To Have a Great Life,A Virtues Life, Develop Human Values,Then Never Visit This Country Or In Case You are Unlucky like Me to Born Here Then Get Passport and Leave It As Soon As Possible.”

The Emotion

I do not know whether the outburst was a result of personal experiences or collected knowledge, but what I do know is that there was no thought into motion while they were being penned down. Emotions cloud your understanding and judgement and having the ability of influencing people through your powerful words, you have done a lot of damage and contributed to the same chaos created by the power brokers and sold out media houses unknowingly.

The Solution

I would have appreciated the post had there been an attempt to provide solutions and workarounds but the sheer act of cursing and turning your back has left a bad taste in my mouth. There is nothing more painful than seeing someone blinded by propaganda and exaggerations. Problems do exist and they get blown out of proportion too.

There is no denying the fact that the moral values and human emotions have taken a hit, but there has been no attempt to regulate the sensationalized material too, which ultimately leads to poisoned and dejected minds.

I would not preach about what needs to be done or how to someone smart enough, but there is a dire need to evaluate your contributions towards the solutions (if any).

The Outlook

Blaming and disowning has always been the most convenient things to do, and the views presented in the reference blog clearly advocate the mentioned actions. Change your outlook and perspective towards problems, help find solutions, control the urge to burst at the seams and have patience. It is your roots which keep you grounded, the head always pops up to troubles.

Do you shun and run every time there is a problem in your house or simply rant to the world about how unlucky you have been to be born there? 

My intention is not to shun or shame anyone but try to get the poison out. Home is where the soul is and it’s everyone’s duty to make it livable. Preach when your own act is clean.

Proud to be an Indian!

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