Orphaned Nation

There are days when you come across situations where in you want to react, but the mind has a different plan. Something of the sorts happened with me last night and trust me, it was not at all easy to wait these many hours to unleash the mighty pen.

This post is in regards to someone’s outlook towards a country, the society and the people who are an integral part of it. I humbly request you all to take the pain of going through this post Why India is Becoming Hell before proceeding any further.

Assuming that you have already gone through the extensive outburst of my fellow blogger Sharmaji’s Solutions , let’s proceed.

The Shock

The post’s heading “Why India is Becoming Hell” got my attention and stayed at the back of my mind all through the week (wasn’t getting much time to read). I desperately wanted to go through it to see the ease and tact with which the topic was approached, and I am ashamed to say it was dealt with quite poorly. Now the author/blogger can take offence to my words and say that I have no right to be judgmental about his words or blog but honestly I am not lashing back at him. I respect his freedom to express but please do not cloud your vision is all that I want to convey.

The Poison

“So , I am Going To Prove You That India Is Heaven and Indians are Citizens of Hell”

“It’s a Nation of Corruption and hypocrisy”

“Indians Are the Most Immoral People on Earth in Modern Times”

“It Is The Most Sexually Frustrated Country Of The World”

“India Is Full Of Lust!”

“Almost Thirty To Fifty Percent of Indians are Either Gay, Bisexual or Have Sexual Difficulties.”

“India Is Overcrowded Country With No Human Values Left”

I can go on and on quoting excerpts from the reference blog but that would not make me happy. The concern here is the mindset with which the topic was approached and the blog posted in public domain. There has never been any country without its share of challenges and anomalies nor has a perfect society ever been into existence. I am no different from my fellow blogger being a resident of the same country and have my moments of frustration, helplessness, despair and anger. But that does not give me the right to rant when I know I have my own dedicated contribution in the prevailing chaos.

The Truth

Is it really that bad as it seems? This is a question for every Indian Blogger going through this post and others who have been to India at any given point in time.

There is no denying the fact that like every other society we too have dark spots and areas of improvements, but does that qualify us to be a third world nation with no order in place, destined to be doomed! Being hurt and disappointed is understandable, but venting out senselessly and making strong baseless and absurd statements as below simply displays immaturity, personal vendetta and inability to stand up and take responsibility to change things.

“It Is THE COUNTRY OF DEAD. So If You are A Good Person ,Want To Have a Great Life,A Virtues Life, Develop Human Values,Then Never Visit This Country Or In Case You are Unlucky like Me to Born Here Then Get Passport and Leave It As Soon As Possible.”

The Emotion

I do not know whether the outburst was a result of personal experiences or collected knowledge, but what I do know is that there was no thought into motion while they were being penned down. Emotions cloud your understanding and judgement and having the ability of influencing people through your powerful words, you have done a lot of damage and contributed to the same chaos created by the power brokers and sold out media houses unknowingly.

The Solution

I would have appreciated the post had there been an attempt to provide solutions and workarounds but the sheer act of cursing and turning your back has left a bad taste in my mouth. There is nothing more painful than seeing someone blinded by propaganda and exaggerations. Problems do exist and they get blown out of proportion too.

There is no denying the fact that the moral values and human emotions have taken a hit, but there has been no attempt to regulate the sensationalized material too, which ultimately leads to poisoned and dejected minds.

I would not preach about what needs to be done or how to someone smart enough, but there is a dire need to evaluate your contributions towards the solutions (if any).

The Outlook

Blaming and disowning has always been the most convenient things to do, and the views presented in the reference blog clearly advocate the mentioned actions. Change your outlook and perspective towards problems, help find solutions, control the urge to burst at the seams and have patience. It is your roots which keep you grounded, the head always pops up to troubles.

Do you shun and run every time there is a problem in your house or simply rant to the world about how unlucky you have been to be born there? 

My intention is not to shun or shame anyone but try to get the poison out. Home is where the soul is and it’s everyone’s duty to make it livable. Preach when your own act is clean.

Proud to be an Indian!


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

26 thoughts on “Orphaned Nation

  1. 1. You have the liberty to write a post full of reactions and rants sitting in the comfort of your home/office using the best technology available to mankind not worrying about any major backlash or legal discourse, and yet you crib about your country being a third world nation. These privileges clearly refute all your intellectual logic.
    2. “It’s a Nation of Corruption and hypocrisy” and “India Is Full Of Lust!”, are statements pointing towards the economic and social profiles of this nation called India where you live so very freely and peacefully.
    3. You talk about situation on “Roads of India”, let me ask you for the source of your enlightened soul! Newspaper, news channels or some stupid Watsapp circulated messages? And for that matter how many hours have you spent on the roads of India in the shadow of that harsh reality.
    4. “So , I am Going To Prove You That India Is Heaven and Indians are Citizens of Hell”.
    Do you even go back and read what contradicting statements you make? I seriously doubt given your blind hate for everything Indian.
    5. Nobody has to prove you wrong, as you already did that by seeking attention and creating irreparable damage by your words with your biased and one sided projection of your motherland.
    6. If the values are really degraded, what have you done to uplift them and make a difference howsoever small rather than publicly ranting and imposing your twisted thoughts as the final word.

    It is good to be analytical and criticize, but at the same time you should develop the habit of taking constructive feedback if you claim yourself to be a blogger in the public domain. Broaden your horizon dude for it’ll help you become a more balanced and rational writer. Do not forget your responsibilities towards your audience and immediate surroundings.

    1. Simply I am Not The One Who Can Feed Sugar Coated Poison, It’s Raw, It’s Wrong and Why You Can’t Figure Out What I am Trying to Say. I am Saying That Despite of All Materialistic Privileges Which I earn Actually Myself and Maybe You Too, Our Country Has Nothing To Offered For The Inner Sense Of Being.
      India is Full Of Lust,& I am Still Continuing To To Saying This Because I Can Prove It. No Country In The World Can Forgive You if You Rape a Seven year Old Girl. But In India You Already Know What I am Saying. Recent Campaigns Like Me too and Many More Have Proven This
      India is a Country of Hippocrates & if You Don’t Believe Take The Speeches of All Of Your Spiritual Gurus, Politicians, Actors , Sportsperson or Even Common Man and Compare it To What They Do , You Will Get The Answers.
      I Spend Daily Almost Half of My Days on The Roads of India Bro & I am Definitely Sure about But I Have Said.
      I have Seen The Real India, Maybe It’s Not Complete Picture But It’s The Major Scenario.
      I Have Already Made The Difference By Sharing The Truth & Hurting Your Sentiments So That At least You Can Give a Minute To Think About it .
      But I Know as The Lady In Comments here Called Me as a Fool , She’s Right Because I am The One Who is Selling Glasses in The City of Stones.
      Thank You

  2. You Guys Could Comment These Thoughts On My Blog Also, Anyway I Respect All of Your Thoughts & Don’t Agree With Them at All,I Don’t Written anything on India’s Social , Economic or Spiritual Stucture , I Simply Write on Degradation of Moral Values in India. Words Maybe Harsh But Believe Me Reality is Harsher. People Who Live Outside India For Many Years are Giving Me Their Opinions About India, People Who are Extremely Rich ,Who Have Their Own Friend Circles, People Who Can’t Live Without Air-conditioning are Telling Me about The Situation on Roads of India. But Still I Respect Your Opinions & Believe Me If Proven Wrong I Will Be The Happiest Person But Unfortunately None of You Provide any Anti Logic Against Things Mentioned in The Post. I Haven’t Said That All Indians are Wrong But Majority of Indians Do Not Care about Morality and That’s A Fact,If Proven Wrong Even after Five Year From Now I Will Write a Sorry Blog.
    Every Country Has Problems, That’s True But People There Try To Solve Them But Here In India Even Talking about The Problems Is Hurting Sentiments Then Who Cares about Solutions.

  3. I read the fellow bloggers post & in my honest opinion, there’s a certain method and tact in dealing with these sort of problems. Moreover, it’s always advisable to think twice before sharing your viewpoints on a public domain, whether we like or not people constantly judge us on the basis of what we post, write, comment, etcetera. I reckon even Mahatama Gandhi wouldn’t have managed to pull off the herculean tasks which he did during his time if he had had a bad sense of self-expression. No change can take place overnight and neither can a rant (as I think was the idea behind his post) can suffice. I’m an expatriate & I’ve experienced living in another country for 18 years of my life and there have been, without a doubt numerous grounds on which we were reminded time and again that we don’t belong to this country. I can vouch for a fact that there are vicious men that give women ugly stares all over the world though I think I’ve come across more of these in India than here, tbh. But hey, whatever be the case I’m still a proud Indian. There are good & bad people and then there’s our country where the half-educated people exist with negative mindsets. I’d like to conclude by quoting Earnest Hemmingway, “Being against evil doesn’t make you good”.

    This comment should probably be on his post but I decided to not bother his judgemental bubble since arguing with a fool only makes you one. (Hope you won’t my mind rant 😌)

    This was a great post as a comeback, I think we ought to thank the guy for making us feel even more proud of being Indian.

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    1. Reactions are always counter productive. I don’t want to lose a confused soul to the chaos. On the contrary it’s important to know what bad looks like to be able to avoid it. Though I completely connect to your thoughts. Thanks for devoting your time for the post 😊.

      1. it is a real pleasure I assure you … I’ve read some great interviews that got lost between other posts, so decided to do a specialised blog 🙂

  5. Absolutely agree to your thoughts and very well expressed..Just discussing the problem and to proclaim the irregularities in the system seems highly absurd to me..

  6. I loved this one. Haven’t read Sharma Ji’s blog and post this I don’t even intend to (reading these xcerpts only is making me angry).
    Every country has it’s plus and minus so do we.
    Anyways good going👍

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Richa 😊. It is always important to look at other’s perspective too for an effective analysis. Couldn’t stop myself from letting this venom spread any further due to few misplaced words.

  7. I can’t thank you enough for this post …trust me I tried to go through the fellow bloggers post but couldn’t read it completely….and it’s not about closing your eyes too harsh reality but accepting the fact that every place has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I agree with you on the point where we would have appreciated if solutions to the problems we’re provided …… I just wish if it was written a little rationally……..it isn’t only black or white ….things are grey too

    1. That’s the reason I refrained from commenting and penned this post. The poison needs to be used as an antidote. Thank you so much for your time and thoughts.

  8. Loved this blog. You have our heart with this, really. We completely respect Sharmaji’s freedom to express his opinion We would not say more on this topic as we have spoken enough of our views in Sharmaji’s blog (comment section). We believe that INDIA is a great country, has a rich history, flourishing present and a promising future. Proud to be Indians!!

    – Rahul and Sonali (@thejetsetgocouple)

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