The highs and the lows
Reverberating in the hollow of my mind
Intense is the moment
I intend to take head on
In the short and long of things
In the maze of responsibilities
Lost is the rhythm
Which once I was so proud of
Time is the biggest healer
When everything else fails
The beads of my sweat
I still carry on my palm

Sparkling eyes yearning for more
A heart beating with celebration
No wonder the journey matters more
An end as beautiful as the start.
Wave after wave
Immersing the army of bodies
Soul is a luxury of choice
I once used to carry
Moving with the clock
Rolling with the grains of sand
I wish it was simpler
To make myself understand.

Published by OneLife

I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

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  1. We all are caught up in this maze of thoughts and emotions. Many a times, it becomes difficult to understand what’s going on, where are you caught up and where are you heading towards. But the only way to come out of this whirlpool is to keep moving and enjoy this journey. Beautiful!

  2. Indeed the words of conquering our fears and propelling ahead with head held high. Without these melodies the journey would get tasteless❣️

      1. It’s been a quiet journey so far. But now with words it’s becoming way more sound and vibrant😃
        Looking forward to more of your soul stirrers❣️

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