Pampering The Beast

I have been neglecting the beast for quite a while now and so it was decided without any second thoughts to dedicate the last day of the year to it. The intent was to pamper it and give it a new lease of life.




The plan was simple, take a short ride to the Decathlon store near the house (3 km) and get the bike serviced. The beast has been my companion for the last one year and we have completed almost 5000 km of journey together in every season and on every terrain. Be it the road or trails, summer or rains, it never failed or disappointed me at all (touch wood).


Under the scanner
Aware of our bearings
Master at work

We have seen the days of sweat, blood and pain together, nurtured and held each other close, have been through the days of struggle and achievement and most importantly have lived the moments of freedom, joy and liberation as a team.

Flesh and Bones 😛


Pampering it right

Each landscape captured resides safely in the memory and makes me crave for more. Thanks buddy for every mile and taking every bump before I could even feel it. To many more miles and smiles together 😀 .




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