Title – Parliamental
Author – Meghnad S
Publisher – Harper Collins
Price – 239/-
Pages – 220
Genre – Political Satire
Language – English (moderate use of words from local lingo)
Rating – 4.5/5

About The Author

Meghnad S, an associate editor with Newslaundry is a public policy professional. A columnist and podcaster, he takes pride in being an influence of awareness and ideas on various social media platforms like twitter. Contributing to his cause, he travels across the country and imparts knowledge about civics and democracy.

The Review

The book opens at a vibrant note with a lot of activity happening socially and politically but helps the readers to settle down soon. As you start turning the pages, different characters are introduced and one starts dwelling into their aura. Be it the newly elected confused MP Srikar or an equally confused PA Raghav, Srikar’s ever obedient servant cum driver Jeetu or Srikar’s encouraging wife Rohini, each have their own space and a parallel narrative which adds to the authenticity of the story. Meghnad has intelligently selected the central theme of his story and very intricately woven a web of interconnected events to keep the readers glued as well as on their toes all throughout.

Parliamental is essentially a mirror of the present situation of the biggest democracy on earth with some elements of fiction infused to maintain the creative taste. Parallels are drawn for sure and efforts have been made to make the common man aware of the acts being played behind the scenes.
Exploiting raw emotions through his characters and sending out strong messages in the form of jibes and satire Meghnad doesn’t shy away from presenting his side of the story. A well crafted story beautifully depicting the love for power, hunger for doing right, opportunism, obedience, ignorance, and above all mockery of an established system and invested emotions and loyalties.

The journey of the protagonist coupled with certain revelations along the way will keep you hooked. Parliamental serves multiple purposes. Knowing our rights and understanding the responsibilities of the people we choose to represent us, form an important point of discussion arising from the book. Insights into the working of Parliament and it’s keepers has never been so up, close and personal even in fictional works in the past. The intent of equipping the masses with information and in a light and humorous way is indeed commendable.

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What’s In It For You?

The book consists of 220 pages and the language used is quite simple. Adding an element of interest, the footnotes give detailed explanation about terminology from local or official government lingo. It serves as an insight into the corridors of power with humor and simplicity attached to it. It neither spreads chaos nor an alarm, but is super successful in connecting with the readers from the word go. If you are looking for a quick read with a story line full of drama, humor, satire and sarcasm, this one is for you.

The Highlights

Each character adds to the bling and there are hardly any disappointments in the story. The pace is impressive along with the narration. Nothing seems forced and every dot seems to connect to the right one. Impressive use of footnotes where the author takes creative liberty in describing every form of jargon and term used locally but in a unique manner.

The Low Points

Barring the end I could not find an area which required any kind of rework. Nonetheless, scope of improvement is omnipresent. The end seemed a bit hasty to me as I was expecting an explosive one. Rest assured this book is worth a read.


Parliamental belongs to a genre rarely touched by authors for it’s tough to be humorous and flexible with something as sensitive and controversial as this. Having said that, this book is a reminder of what the values of this nation stand for. A deep insight into the depths of corridors of power and an unfading and unending quest for it.

You can purchase a copy (kindle/paperback) of Parliamental from the below listed Amazon link.

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