In a fast paced world, full of complexities and ironies what do you think is appropriate – a Response or a Reaction! Well hold your horses before you jump to conclusions and shower us with your explanations.

Before we even embark on this journey of right or wrong and good or bad, let me share an incident with you. Two gentlemen on their way back home after a long, harassing day at work, evading the never-ending traffic met with an accident. As soon as they regained their senses and could gather themselves, they checked each other’s physical well-being and whether the other needed any help. Once sure about the situation being under control they inspected the damage to their respective vehicles and parted ways with mutual apologies, well wishes and on healthy terms.

On the other hand what the bystanders and onlookers expected was a barrage of abuses hurled at each other and some blows exchanged to further glorify the matter. But in the absence of any such creative misadventures even they lost interest too soon.

Being an observer to the this sad yet beautiful sight, a thought sparked through my mind. Reaction or Response!


I can share my point of view, which for sure is open to discussion and scrutiny because it’s a free world, but I’ll try to stay neutral for its important for each of us to develop our own judgement. Adrenalin, hormones and extreme emotions are what we encounter regularly and in abundance due to our fast paced lifestyle and ever-increasing stress and anxiety levels. In context to these it becomes all the more important to understand the terms at least.

REACTION – An act executed without much thought or consideration of consequences.


RESPONSE – A well thought of and weighed reciprocation devoid of emotional or any other bias.


Argumentatively both can be justified as per the situation but a calculative and balanced approach will always favor the latter.

Referring back to the incident, had they decided to react brazenly without much thought or consideration about the outcome of their actions, I am sure a lot would have been lost apart from the physical damage to the machines. What seems easy and convenient is always harmful to the extent of irreversible damage.

The question remains, Reaction or Response ? From a personal perspective I have seen greater good happening when people consciously chose to respond than reacting, attributing to their reflexes. I strongly agree to the fact as well that it is easier said than done hence, I hereby share a simple rule with you all that I practice to be able to achieve my goal to some extent if not in its entirety.


Whenever you find yourself in a situation of extreme emotional and physical duress which entices you to react take a step back and look around. Think of the last time you were with your family and their smiling faces. Then decide whether all this hassle you intend to go through would be worth sacrificing it all. And believe me or not, you would never regret that moment of self-realization and the enormous power within you which can help stay healthy and happy despite of so many reactions flying around πŸ˜› !

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on πŸ™‚ !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.

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