Retracing Haste #BlogchatterA2Z

Day 8 #BlogchatterA2Z

It has been a roller coaster ride since this challenge commenced and everything has picked up pace in life. Thoughts are completing the circuit as if the mind is going through a Grand Prix and anxiety levels have their own train to catch.



There is no way to beat the urgency to read and reciprocate to so many talented bloggers on the wagon, that sleep has decided to sacrifice its usual quota for the month and brain has adjusted itself to operate on boost mode.

I know it’s a crazy carnival and we all are enjoying it thoroughly. What is less worrying is the fact that only 18 more days to go and it is quite manageable for most of us (it’s actually taking a toll on me 😛 ), but what after that!

No I am not referring to blogging related activities but everything else in life. Do we intend to slow the pace for once and reflect back? So many minutes, hours and years, non-stop with our heads bowed or looking straight ahead. Every moment we keep rushing into things and let others go over our head.


Stop for a while and refer your routine. Not one pace slower than yesterday, not one meal that you relished but gulped, not one conversation worth replaying in hindsight and not one thought shared all by yourself. This morning I just sat on my bean bag with a mug full of milk (yes I love milk and dairy products) and simply watched the rituals unfold. It’s amazing and incredible how much time we lose all throughout and all the credit goes to haste.


I am not sure why this happens but I can assure it can be avoided. Not venturing into the technicalities of how brain functions and how speed and accuracy act as trade offs while making decisions, it’s important to understand that we are not here for a thousand years but very limited period of time. And for the same reason the supreme force has infused so many wonders, vibrant colors and unexplained yet satisfying phenomenons into this world for us to relish and enjoy.

Pic Credits : Me 😀

We are so occupied and engrossed in achieving things which have minimal or no significance in life that we so very conveniently have sidelined the accessible. Try to enjoy that shower instead of rushing in and out, play with your creative thoughts, relish the meals with the ones you value, admire the sky and pinch yourself once in a while.

Half of us crib for what we don’t have and the other half for what we do, the remaining live a life so content, for them everyday is an adieu.

I know this post has stretched a bit and I hate preaching 😛 , so I leave you with my thoughts and welcome all the feedback, criticism and suggestions with a smile and an open heart 😀 .

Till then keep SMILING and LIVE some more while you can, for there’ll be plenty of time to drag on 😛 !

Stay tuned for more interesting and thought-provoking posts.


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I am a nomad at heart who craves for journeys and experiences. Life is too short to stop exploring and the quest to be happy should go on.

33 thoughts on “Retracing Haste #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Very relevant post when the whole world is running against time. No one has time to smell the roses.I lead a very calm life and this challenge has made me familiar with the word Haste again 🙂

  2. Yes! Most of the times we get so busy that we lost the track. It is high time to refresh our schedule and work on priority. Your post came at the right time! I haven’t lost myself (yet) but I will definitely take a moment to pause.

    1. That’s the best compliment for me when people connect to a positive thought and intend to bring about a change for the good. Keep smiling 😀 .

  3. I needed this reminder, I needed this. I am running all the time as if koi train chhootne wali hai. I have been advised by my friends many times, who know me and my routine, closely to go slow, take a break but it never happens. I take a lot on my plate and then there is no time to breathe. I hope after A2Z I will stop being hard on myself. I take a leave now as I am in haste lol

    1. Hahahahah … tham jao madame 😛 . I know with all the responsibilities and desires it’s always a race to cope up and compete but life was never meant for that. We are talented enough to even alter & modify it… lol!

  4. You make me swing off the topic Man!! Or like you would say, dive deeper!😀

    I mean seriously, what more to add to it and what more to concur with?! I chuck preachings too!!

    Contemplating is one thing, i collide happily with!
    So yeah, i would like to pause on your one point..! ‘What after all this?!’
    What after all the overwhelmings we submit to and sometimes purge through?!

    May be the answer is in to keep writing ourselves.., keep creating more of ourselves, in haste, with all the verves and all the vigors! For, We only live once..!!

    Ps. Dude…!! A2Z?!?! It’s certainly overwhelming even I’m not doing it!! 😅😅

    But.. our thoughts collide.., So Yeah keep rocking wingman..!! 😜😜

    1. 🤗 … with tears in my eyes and a smoking brain I rest my case 😂. Thanks for giving an altogether different dimension to these posts and such energetic reviews 🤟.

  5. Hey there, Loved reading it… And somehow when I was going through it, a thought crossed my mind. A lot of us choose an easy way out and blame our way of life (which is basically just existing & not “Living”) on limitations of time, our To-do lists, our responsibilities, professional demands, and what not…
    However, there is another side to the story…I have personally seen a lot of people who don’t know how to “Live”. So the challenge is not only the time & fast pace… sometimes the challenge is also not knowing what else to do?
    Living your life in a fulfilling way is definitely an art which involves self-awareness & understanding, setting the right priorities, being internally motivated, and being self-sufficient in creating your own happiness.
    So definitely pause, breathe, look around, enjoy, admire, learn and live… and not pause, sleep, and follow the rut.
    What do you think?

    1. Beautifully summed and articulated. Identifying your priorities and striking a balance is paramount and undeniable. Lovely thoughts ☺.

  6. This challenge has really been overwhelming! You’ve hit the nail on the head when you say it’s our own haste that causes time to rush by. Thought-provoking post, indeed 🙂

  7. Well, enjoying leisure has also become an art. The ability to enjoy the simple joys of life are actually lost as soon as we start growing up. As we move through grade school, we face the pressures of examinations and then getting admission into a suitable college and by the time we work and start a family, we are out of touch with simple joys of life like splashing in the sea waves or dancing in the rain. Every now and then it is imperative that we take time off and go somewhere and rejuvenate our brain cells and replenish it with the forgotten ability to take pleasure and to find peace in simple things.

  8. Loved your post. Agree with everything you said about how we need to slow the pace and enjoy the little moments. I will be coming back to read more of you.

  9. Last year was my first attempt at A2Z. The first week was insane. I kept trying to read some 50+ posts and then it dropped to 30 in the next week and finally the last week I ended up reading hardly 15 posts per day. The entire process took a toll on my health and I took a break in the month of May. This year I have spent the first week understanding the posts and choosing my favorites. I have decided to read them till the end with out really jumping from blog to blog. For me, I write posts daily and this way of reading let’s me maintain my schedule. Sometimes in life that’s all we need – prioritize, let go of some and be happy with your choices. Brilliant post. I love the fact that I am never able to leave your page without one huge comment.

    1. I am at a loss of words since I had never imagined this kind of engagement when I started almost 10 months ago. I completely agree with you as sticking to a handful of your favourites does lead to quality reading and connect. I as a matter of fact leave a comment only if I have read the post till the end else leave a like for encouragement.
      I am yet to learn the tricks of the trade, but I believe I’ll sail through 😊.

  10. I actualy wanted more as I was so deeply involved in this post.
    Ekdum sahi baat kahi hai, we all are in some haste, as if race lagi hui hai kahi pahuchna hai, attention span kam hota ja raha, concentration power is decreasing, we have stopped cherishing moments while we are busy in deliberatly creating them and we are just not enjoying the little things life has to offer.
    Great post, I look forward for more such Gyan from your side in your adbhoot way of writing 😀

    1. Hahahaha… most creative feedback and appreciation I have recieved so far. Sath aur pyar bana rahe readers ka baas, dil aur dimag toh hum chala hi lenge 😋.

  11. Yes it is important to be able to enjoy smaller things in life. A cool breeze, a hail storm, a sun set, if possible sun rise., flowing river, calm pond. Yes we must count our blessings, because things can be a lot worse.

  12. Guess you caught me! It’s really amazing how you can bring thr topic of A2Z and get a much needed thought valuing our times be considered in it. Definitely taking in some gyan from this post

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