Lights in my eyes

Gleaming surroundings bustling with laughter

Shrieks of joys, hands all painted

Dreams in my eyes, now and ever after

Air is thick and so is my soul

Celebrations, joyful nights

Every sound resonating

Even the moon seems so whole

Happy feet matching the steps

Labored breaths and heaving breasts

Lost in my thoughts alone tonight

I could never differentiate better from best

Memories adorned

The walls of my home

Before the painful cries

Became a part of every song

Lost the way

Back to HOME somehow

I am not attached

Anymore to that HOUSE

For the lights still shine

and the heart still beats

Life was once a slave

Of my fears and theses streets

Few glances and some shy stares

Is what it would take for me to share

The streak that I left behind

Some years ago over a similar night.







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