“Ripples and reflections” – Few are lucky enough to get the opportunity to relive and reminisce the past as vividly as the present. It all seems so clear and recent, so many firsts in life that not only added to the charm but altered the course of lives. I still remember my apprehensive self, evaluating and being unsure about almost everything in life about a decade ago. But the same apprehensions helped me shape my journey and outlook in a very different way than I had imagined.

Actually, I never did imagine anything 10 years ago. Standing at the crossroads, the end of a journey and the start of a new one, all that I ever wanted was a sense of fulfillment. Rebel to the core, life was never meant to be straight for me. Hopping from one place to the other, the last decade bears the testimony of my restless self. Experimenting and testing my waters, I can proudly claim to have tried my hand at four different professions in the last 10 years. Engineer (Civil) by education, an Officer Under Training (IMA) by passion, a Technical Trainer by choice and an IT Analyst by the situation, it has been a long and introspecting journey so far.

The reason I used “Ripples And reflections” as the heading was to signify different phases in life. Howsoever enjoyable or tough the times maybe, they are momentary just like a reflection or ripple. The first job, the first salary, the wedding, birth of a child, the first promotion, the first anniversary, the first trip, and the list is never-ending. The impression stays throughout, but the moment can be lived just once.

Therefore, the biggest lesson learned in the last decade was to live in the moment and cherish the memories. Regret having not tried rather than failing. I am glad to have been blessed with a partner equally enthusiastic and unconditionally supportive in my endeavors even today. Although significant, it is still quite difficult to recollect and mention every moment and emotion invested and earned in the last decade, Hence, to sum it up to an extent I have shortlisted ten reflections from the journey that caused ripples in one way or the other.

2011 – Cracking Combined Defense Services Examination conducted by UPSC and clearing SSB to join Indian Military Academy as a cadet (that was the first and last attempt for me).
2012 – Choosing between family and passion (withdrew voluntarily from training due to father’s health concerns).
2012 – Exploring and utilizing my soft skills as a technical trainer (I actually liked that part of my profile).
2014 – Getting married to a lovely lady and having almost similar names (Vibhu & Vidhu).
2017 – Both of us went through a tough phase emotionally due to an ectopic pregnancy.
Magically surviving the monotony and chaos of the corporate world for 9 long years (being an ultra-rebel) … lol.
2017 – Discovered cycling to be my escapade, stressbuster and new found addiction.
2018 – I started blogging at the behest of and with the support of my darling wife (million thanks to her for the push).
2019 – I started my second blog dedicated to cycling (crazypedals) to help bring about a lifestyle change globally.
Travelled extensively with my partner in crime (wifey) and vowed to undertake 100 trips together in this lifetime (completed 17 so far).

Every journey has an untold story and every story deserves a mention. What about your story of the decade? Do share your stories in the comments below.

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